Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All About Me book..the beginning.

Here is one of the projects I was working on, this Girls May Long Weekend :)
It is a book All About Me :)
I have been meaning for the last 15 yrs to make a scrapbook page about myself. But have never done one. So I took it one step up and started a book about me :)
I also got my SIL, Sharon to start one as well. I don't think she was to excited about it at first, but I can usually persuade Sharon to do what I want, lol.

I told Sharon to think about her grandmother, and what would she like to know about her.
When most of us think about our grandma's we think of them as just that...our grandmas. Wouldn't you love to know more about the details of her life?
What were some of her favourite things to do, her favourite foods, her favourite colours?
What was she like as a child?
When making our pages..think about what you would want to know about your grandmother or even your mother for that matter.

Here is my intro. page.

I started with a simple composition note book.
I plan to decorate the front, back and insides covers of the book, but wanted to first see where I was going with the pages before committing to the papers on the front of the book.

Now for the fun part....WASHI TAPE :)
I selected the tapes I wanted and adhered them to the long edge of the paper.
I adhered a tad less then half the width of the tape.

Then I gathered up 3 more sheets of paper (total of 4).
Then flipped the pages over to the last of those 4 pages.

I smoothed the sheets flat and then folded over the washi tape and adhered it to that 4th sheet of paper.
Sharon adhered some of the middle of her papers. I didn't, I just used the washi tape.
If you get wrinkles in your tape you can do like Sharon did and not worry about it.
Or..you can be anal like I am and lift up the tape and reapply it ;)

I had seen the washi tape idea from mom.run.craft blog. But I wasn't sure from her instructions if she went all the way around the pages with her washi.
As you can see I didn't. I figured this way I can slip a thick piece of paper in between the pages if I am using alcohol markers or a heavy ink.
The tape is hanging out the ends, so that means some trimming ;)

I didn't have my corner rounder with me, so I just cut the corners with my scissors :)
But I am sure it would be a lot easier with the corner rounder.

Look at all those pretty colours.
Don't they just make you smile :)

I didn't get that many pages done as we didn't start this until the last day.
But we sure had a great time making them :)

I have seen this "Currently" page so many times, and think it is a fun page to add to an "All About Me" book.

I made a video to share with you a bit more of how and why I am making this book.
Hope you enjoy it :)

I hope you enjoyed a look into my All About Me book and are inspired to make one (or even a page) about you.
Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Thanks Tracy for sharing yet another great idea. I will have to try this myself as I've been thinking of doing a book all about me. Love reading your blog every day and watching your video's. So thanks again. Nicky

  2. Looks like a great start to you "all about me" album. I worked on one a few years back. Maybe I need to update it!

  3. Great idea, I like how you use the tape.

  4. quick question, did you cover the composition book? Great idea, I really should give one of these a try

  5. So pretty with the patterned edges!

  6. Oh, those Washi edges are such a fantastic idea!

  7. Well shoot, I thought I was all ready to go on my book, but these washi edges may have thrown a loop in my plans! Lol! I love this idea, such a great way to add color!

  8. Ok, after watching your video, I think I'm going to do like Sharon and sick my pages together and do the washi tape. You have a great list of ideas there! If I think of anything to add... I'll let you know though. Lol! I can't wait to see what you do with the cover :)

  9. Oh wow - this is such a fabulous idea - what a wonderful thing to do and to be shared in years to come :-)

  10. I love the washi tape on the edges of the pages. I'd love to add that to my planner pages except my appointments go right to the edges.

  11. Love this idea and the washi tape :)

  12. OK. Now I suddenly have a need for washi tape. I had not seen an idea that really sparked a desire to want any, until now. Love what you've done with the journal already!

  13. How did I miss you yesterday? LOVE the washi tape on the ends of the paper, so pretty and yes, it makes me smile!

  14. oh- what a grrat idea! i love it!!!
    many greetings

  15. Tracy! I love this! And what a cool use for a notebook.

    I really love how you framed the idea - what would you want to know about your grandma? There's lots I'd like to know! A book like this would be so cool!

    Also - loving how you are using your stickers up! And the bright washi tape on the edges :)

  16. Wow, great ideas!! I love the way the washi tape looks on the edge.


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