Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Desk is Clean ;)

I thought I would share my nice clean desk with you today.
I had seen Becky's desk as she posted to WOYWW.
I was being cheeky and told Becky that my desk was actually cleaner then hers, teehee.
Well she called me on it, and asked to see my here it is Becky, lol.

Last Friday Night I had my ladies over for Friday Night Scrapbooking.
We usually go up to the dining room as there isn't enough room in my tiny scrap/craft room for more than two.
But if it is just Sharon and I we go in my room.
Well Myra came late, Wayne and Heather were watching a movie and I didn't want to interrupt them.
So I took so much out of my room...lets just say, no one is going to play pool for a while...unless they can play around all the papers and such that are on there, teehee.

As you can see there are 3 chairs around the table.
I had asked the ladies how they liked being in this room, and if they thought it was to tight.
They said it was fine. Which makes me happy, now I don't have to cart my supplies upstairs, or have to go back down for things others want or need. Unless of course my other friends want to come by....the more the merrier in my opinion :)

Mind you, right now, I think most of my stuff is in the living room ;)
I have been working on my Smash Journal and my day planner.
I am like one of those creatures that like to bury themselves in the sand. Except I like paper instead, lol.
I leave one cushion for my tush and have to walk around my supples.
Do I like to work like this..NO, but it always seems to end up like this, lol.
So happy Wayne doesn't mind ;)

Remember my walk photo from yesterday.
Well here is my walk photo from this morning. Yes you are seeing snow.
It has snowed all day, so there is a lot more.
Not sure about my walk tomorrow.

Onto My Day:
Took the kids to school.
Went for my morning walk.
Drove Kristy to her College class.
When I picked her up, she had a whole Apple Pie. That is what they made in her class. It was really good.
After supper Ashley's friend Tim (He is the artist that him and his band (Advina)play on the intro and end of my YouTube videos). He has been away to school so we haven't seen him for a while. They made peanut butter cookies..another yum for the day ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice, clean desk! Lol, if I work, I scatter as well...hence I have not photographed my room yet. ;0)
    I made 2 batches of cookies today...sadly, a co- worker lost her baby at 26 weeks, so some are for her family...

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog:):):)thanks for stopping by mine!

  3. You will be in trouble when Wayne wants a game of pool, lol I would have like to see the desk when you ladies had finished your night. I bet you cannot see any white of the top. Have fun :)

  4. oh how i love a clean desk!!! in order for me to start a new project I have to have it totally clean and clear. for some reason my mojo never happens when it is messy LOL!!

    so sorry for the snow!

  5. Looks like a cozy place for a crop! It will make things easier when they are over. So sorry that you have snow. :( Hope spring arrives SOON!

  6. Ok, you got me. Your desk is cleaner than mine! Lol! That second picture sure looks more like the Tracy I know though... Haha! I've been seeing a lot of decorated planners lately and I'm really wanting to do one, but I just don't know.

  7. Love the clean desk space - wish mine looked like that! My family room looks like yours, but it's usually kids games and stuff :-) Sorry about the snow :-(

  8. I didn't think a crafter ever ad a desk that clean!!!!! Lots of yummy goodies at your house. Boo on the snow!!!!!

  9. That is one clean desk! Hope you have fun on your Friday night scrapbooking. More snow? It's cool here, is spring ever coming???

  10. I really love your desk! Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my gosh-it's too late for snow! At least you have a clean room to hole up in. lol

  12. Good job on cleaning your desk hehe... It's always nice to see a clean desk even though it won't be clean for long ;-)

  13. Your desk looks awesome!!!

    Kristy brought home a whole apple pie?! I'm jealous! Apple pie is my favorite kind of pie!


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