Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reporting from the cottage

Another beautiful day at the cottage. It was even actually quite warm out today. It actually felt like summer :).
Remember the robin's eggs from last weekend?
I am happy to report that they have all hatched.
You can see which ones are the most dominant :)
I have never got a photo like this before, but the nest is pretty low. Only a few feet off the ground actually. 

Today was a day for swimming (not me) going on many quad rides (all me) with lots of chatting, reading and chilaxin'.
Now you may look at this and wonder "what the heck, how are the birds suppose to get in the bird house".
Well, a family of wasps moved in here are started to build a hive.
We noticed a few wasps going in and put of here last weekend. But this weekend we were sure of it.
Those suckers are duct taped in there for life ;)

Enjoyed a camp fire again tonight with s'mores, banana boats and toasty toasty marshmallows. 
I was also talk I'm a perfectionist with the campfire as I need the wood to make a teepee. This is before I got control of it. 
 I hope you all are enjoying you weekend :)



  1. Looks like a perfect summer day. Thanks for sharing the bird nest photo. Such fun to see the progress!

  2. oh that nest is so cool-
    glad you are having nice weather at the cottage!

  3. lol... it'll teach them a lesson for building a hive in that bird house. Duct tape is so useful for so many things ;-) It's cool looking at bird nest. Glad you having a great summer =)

  4. Glad you are having a wonderful weekend ! Another useful idea for duck tape LOL! Happy Canada Day!

  5. OMG...we are so alike...we may live at opposite ends of Canada but we are so alike. I think that almost every time I read your blog! We both have adult daughters that we are so proud of, we both camp, both are a bit anal about the details of anythin....teeheee I like the fire to be teepeee'd does fact, he is quite a bit like me too! hahahahah

  6. Sounds like you're having a great time - those little birdies are cute!

  7. I love that picture of the birds :) looks like a wonderful weekend, except for the too cold water ;)

  8. That shot of the birds is awesome! How cool!!!

    Also - great idea with the wasps. I HATE wasps! They scare me like crazy. And AJ gets super blown up and a little spaced out when he gets stung - so you know who always has to take care of them! He once locked me on a 2nd floor patio with a wasp because he was afraid and he ran inside and shut the door on me!


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