Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blueberry 101 The art of Picking

I love to pick blueberries.
To me, it is calming. I can let my mind wander, chat, sing or just enjoy cleaning off each bush.
I know some think it is a tedious job, but there is something about taking each berry off and hearing the thud as the berry hits the empty container, turn into a soft thud as your bucket fills up. Plus it may be an OCD thing to have picked the bush clean ;)

I thought I would share some of the tips I have learnt in my over 25 yrs of picking blue berries :
1. Never pick alone. You aren't the only one who enjoys blueberries, so do the bears.
2. Get out there early. You don't want to be picking berries in the hot sun.
3. Bring some water. Even though you aren't exerting yourself, you still need to stay hydrated...especially if you miss the early picking ;)
4. Bring more containers then you think you will need. If the picking is good, you won't want to leave. I have used some unusual things to store my berries in.
4. If the bush has more red or white berries then blue ones, pass it by. They will be so much better to pick in a week or two. Let them mature and ripen.
5. Once you picked the bush clean, lift up the bush. There is surely a lot more under the leaves.
6. What I do is hold the bush with one hand and pick the bush clean with the other...or I double pick when its really good. I use both hands at the same time. My FIL calls this two handed picking ;)

Shared Secrets:
Wayne and I have a few places we love to pick at.
It is down and old bush road.
At least I think it was an old bush road at one time. But you would never see me driving my jeep down it.
We drive our quads to our berry patch.
Others know of this place, but not many go there anymore. I think it is because of the road.
But just in case someone comes checking it out. Wayne and I have a few tricks.
If you are an avid blue berry picker then you know we like to keep the best berry patches a secret ;)
One of our tricks is to pick on the roads edge. This way if someone comes along to check it out, they think the picking isn't that good and moves along, lol.
But if they were to look further in the, blue, blue ;)

I have been known to pick berries where others never would.
A couple of years ago the picking was really good. But some of the biggest berries were in between two large wasp hives. The hives were so big, they were built under an over-rooted tree.
I have to say that, that didn't stop me. I just couldn't let them go.
My FIL's wife was later telling Wayne that she had seen a good picking spot, but there were nests on either side of it.
She couldn't believe that I went and picked there...not only that I picked it clean ;)
I am not foolish though. If there is a bear in the area, I make sure there is a look out (Wayne), so I can skiddadle before he gets to near. Because there is no way I am giving my hard earned berries to a bear, lol.

Wayne loves his blueberry pies.
I kind of hoard my berries, like I hoard my craft supplies, lol.
So when we got home tonight I made a blueberry pie.
I didn't have any dough (like I keep it on hand, lol). So Wayne and Kristy ran to Safeway to pick up some frozen dough.
I know it doesn't look all that great ;)

But it tasted delicious :)

I am not done with this blueberry talk just yet.
Come back tomorrow and I will show you something I made today to make my berry cleaning so much easier :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had a very creative Sunday :)
I am packing up for my yearly creative getaway with my friend Debbie.
So excited :)

Tracy :)


  1. Ohhh, yum! Fresh picked blueberry pie! I am coming to tea! ;0)
    I made a coconut cream pie yesterday for my boy-o as he says it is his fave. It was so. Good. I will definitely make it again!

  2. Yummy blueberries. We don't grow any here. We have huckleberries in the mountains, which are about half the size of a blueberry. And very expensive to buy, but oh, so tasty.

  3. You are quite the pro at blueberry picking and your hard work looks like it paid off deliciously.


  4. Yummy!! We never pick berries-we buy a big box of already picked ones. Lazy. lol

  5. Blueberry pie - yum! And look at all those juciy berries, wow! Good picking :-)

  6. Your pie looks yummy, we don't have wild blueberries in SWO, we do have blueberry farms where you can pick your own, Since I don't make pies or jam I just buy some to eat. when I was a teen we visited relatives in Sudbury and we went blueberry picking. My Aunt knew the best places. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  7. What good tips. My dh does the picking here as we have several bushes but they are late ones and still haven't gotten really ripe. No bears though! You are very diligent to pick that many.

  8. oh what awesome blueberries!! yum!!

  9. We love Blueberries, but they are from the supermarket sadly. Wish we had somewhere near us where we could pick our own.
    Your pie looks delicious hun.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. OMG - that looks YUM - I miss Summer~

  11. Love blueberries, you just made me very hungry. Hope the picking is good this year.

  12. I LOVE blueberries! That is so cool that you can pick them! And I love all of the tips, hopefully I'll get to go one day!


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