Thursday, August 29, 2013

Card Class and idea books

Last night I went to a card workshop put on by a Close to My Heart demonstrator.
You make 5 cards for 5 dollars.
It was a fun evening out and the girl teaching the class was really nice.
These two cards are my favourite out of the 5. I did change these up a bit from her display cards.
For the first one I just changed the top and bottom papers as I liked the darker shade on the bottom.
For the second card, I only put on 3 of the 4 flowers as the 4th covered up my scallops. I also used the other side of the bottom pattern paper as I didn't like the side we were suppose to use.
Yes I am picky and have to change things up.
My friend teased me as the 3 flowers were coloured with copics. One copic colour per flower. My friend knows me well, as she said, You are going to have trouble just using one colour and not shading it, lol.
Honestly I was thinking of adding more shading when I got home....but I will just let it be, lol.

Here are the next 3.
I didn't change too much, except on the "Hello" card I used cream paper for the flower to sit on as opposed to the orangey-red paper she had cut out. I thought the flower stood out more on the cream paper.
The other cards I more or less kept the same.
I also stamped on the envelopes as did all the other ladies.
As you know it isn't my usual type of cards, but enjoyed spending the evening with a friend, getting to enjoy the company of other creative women and it was fun to make some more simple cards :)

The girl that was teaching the class is moving to Germany to teach.
So she was selling off some of her supplies.
When I seen these books I got a bit excited as I have had my eye out for them for a while.
I know they are very pricey (if you can even find them).
She sold each book for $10.00 each.
My girls laughed at me when I told them, as they were just picturing me grabbing them up before anyone else could get their fingers on them, lol.

Onto My Day:
Spent the whole day with Heather and Kristy.
Did some errands together. Then Heather wanted to try out a new recipe for supper.
Then Kristy did a bit of baking.
I heard Heather ask when is the next time we are going to visit Ashley, because she misses her :(
A few hours later I get a text from Ashley asking if she could come over tonight.
I told her of course and you never have to ask, this is your home.
Wayne and I are surprised that Kristy and Heather didn't go have a sleep over at Ashley's tonight :)
As Heather doesn't have to work tomorrow. Mind you Ashley does.

Hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice card. I now you like to use stamped images more and color them up! Good deal on the books

  2. Awww I think it is so sweet that you daughter asked if she could come over. The card making workshop sounded awesome - I like the brown one with the tiles and the yellow rose. Thanks for leaving all those nice comments on my YT channel and the blogpost. I have decided that I really have to make something.....anything craftsy today because I have been so busy at work that I have sarrificed play-time and I am starting to feel the effects of ink withdrawal.

  3. Not your usual style but I think it is great to spend time with girlfriends and try a new style. They are all nice but I do like your little changes. That is what makes those cards "yours".

  4. Love all the cards and it's always good to try something different. So sweet that Ashley asked to come visit :-) Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Lovely cards, Tracy! Those books are fantastic. A friend gifted me with a couple of them and they're lots of fun! :o)

  6. What a fun night to get together with others and create! I don't have anyone here that likes to craft, you really are lucky! I hope no one got a paper cut when you snatched up those books. Lol! I love that your girls are so close :(

  7. Very pretty cards! I do like that stamped flower on the cream paper. And I love the stamped envelope idea!

  8. How fun is that! I love what you made and I can tell you had fun creating. Lovely work!

  9. You make me laugh, I can't follow instructions i classes either. I have to change it up a bit. I can just see you snatching those idea books. Score! Glad you had a good time.

  10. Beautiful cards! Love that you had a good girls day :)

  11. Ha, perfect timing with Ashley's text! Love the snowflake/ doily card. I have a few cards I made for my kids for school that I hope to get posted maybe tomorrow!

  12. I really like the cards you made. I never follow directions exactly either. I don't want something exactly like everyone else's! It needs some of my personality in there!

    That is sweet that Ashley came over!


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