Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making Ashley's House a Home....Day 3

Today is the 3rd day since Ashley purchased and received the keys to her home.
The first day I totally cleaned the kitchen cabinets inside and out.
Vacuumed the whole house
Yesterday was the start of the painting.
Today was totally washing the floors.
Ashley and Wayne have allergies and Ashley has woke up with puffy red eyes, bleeding nose and down right feeling awful. Wayne has upped his allergy pills. We knew they had pets by all the pet hair all over. But found out they had 2 cats and a dog.....and not the best house keeper ;)
So before we started, and while they were gone. I totally washed all the floors and each crick and cranny.  I hope this helps them with their allergies.
Ashley is getting the ducts cleaned on Thursday.

So our mission today was to paint the main floor.
We succeeded with the main floor (except her bathroom). We also painted one of the upstairs bedrooms.
Whenever Wayne and I paint, I get the unappreciated job of the taping and edging. Wayne does the rolling.
I didn't want to get one drop of paint on her beautiful cupboards so I went to town with the plastic.

I also usually get the crappy jobs, and am everyone's gofer.... you know "gofor this and gofor that", lol.
Plus I always get the hard to get to jobs as well.
This would have been easier if I could have stepped on the stove, but with the glass top...not a good idea. Another reason why I don't like glass top stoves ;)
Yes my head is twisted as it is hitting the ceiling, lol.

I didn't want to take the plastic down just in case we have to do another coat.
So I had to sneak under the plastic to wash some things.
I feel like I was in a Dexter episode, lol.

The crusher fines were delivered this afternoon and by the time Wayne and I called it quits for the evening, Ashley, Tyler and Adam (Ashley's friend) almost had all the crusher fines spread for her back driveway. She has two driveways, one in the back, off the lane and one in the front. She will be getting the front driveway re-paved.
They also spread all the topsoil to level her lawn.
Busy day again :)

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)
Don't have to wonder what I am up to tomorrow ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Congratulations to Ashley...the cupboards look beautiful! You are like me...I have gone and done jobs like that but don't think I could have climbed the cupboards quite that way with my sticks! lol
    Sorry I haven't been dropping by but we are in @England for a month, having too much fun to do my regular visiting schedule! lol

  2. You all have very busy getting Ashley's house in tip top shape. Everything loos great, so far. Hope Ashley and Wayne aren't suffering too much with their allergies!

  3. Wow! that is an incredible amount of work for 3 days. Love the cupboards. Do we get to see the paint colour (s?) she choose?

    Anyways, sympathies to Ashley and Wayne for their allegies. Duct cleaning really helped mine as did getting the pros in to clean the carpets in the bedrooms.

  4. You were climbing and cleaning in your fish flops! Lol. I don't recall Dexter wearing fish flops during any episodes. ;)

  5. Congrats to Ashley new home! She has a sweet mom to help her with the cleaning! Boy you were right in it to! Can't wait to see what paint color she picked! Sorry to hear about Ashley and Wayne's allergies. Hope their doing better! (Wayne) I have a brother name Wayne! lol! Be careful climbing with the flip flop!!!

  6. Looks awesome. What are crusher fines?

  7. Hope no blood was spilled in your Dexter like kitchen :-) Now I have never heard that not being able to step on top of the stove, was a reason for not liking a glass top stove LOL! Sounds as if she will be totally ready and settled within the next week or so. Hope having the ducts done and all the cleaning you are doing eradicates any unwanted allergens!

  8. you guys have been busy!! it looks awesome!!

  9. Love the kitchen cupboards, looks like a great space. Your all working so hard, but it will be worth it.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Wow, so much work going into this! Love it!! You get all the hard to reach jobs because you're so teeny tiny :) Nice shot of your arse there. Lol!!!

  11. Once again...I am surprised that the previous owner did to clean. :0( it is nice to do a "once over" for your own self, but somehow seems unfair to have to do a deep clean! No one wants to clean another person's dirt. :0(

  12. Ashley is so lucky to have such an awesome mom!

  13. Agreed, Ashley is very lucky to have you as a Mom!!


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