Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fish Flops

Quick post as it is late.
I am so enjoying my last evening here at my Creative Getaway with my friend Debbie.
I wanted to show a gift my daughter Ashley bought me while she was in Toronto.
She went into China Town.
One of my many dreams has always been to go to China Town.

So as she was there, she bought a few gifts for each of us.
One of my gifts were this pair of flip flops.
As you can see they are shaped like fishies, so I called them Fish Flops, teehee. I just amuse myself ;)

Tonight is our last night here.
We have taken 2 walks a day.
We weren't going to hike up the mountain. But I suggested we just to a bit of the trail....turned out we went a bit further and hiked up part of the mountain.
I found out I am so out of shape, lol.
Enjoyed the hot tub every night, even took one this afternoon.
Made 2 smash books each.
Made (I think) 8 cards each. I think last year we had made 15 each, but the books took a bit of time.
Ate great meals (thanks Debbie, you're a great cook ).
Drank too much pop, ate too many munchies.
But had an excellent time.
There is nothing like spending time with a great friend, laughing, chatting and sharing creative ideas with.

Looking forward to next year already :)

I hope you all had a very creative Wednesday :)



  1. Woohoo, crafty you! I have been a bit lazy, but have some craftiness to do for a birthday tomorrow"..keep your eyes peeled (0;

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love your fish flops, they are so cute!

    Good for you for hiking up the mountain! That is a great workout, and must have been really fun too!

  3. Glad you have been relaxing and enjoying your getaway! Cute fish flops.

  4. Love the flip flops and so glad you are having a good time! TFS

  5. sounds like you are having an awesome time!!! love the flip flops!!

  6. I would love to enjoy a getaway like this. Sounds like a fabulous time! Adorable fish flops. :)

  7. oh how cute-love the fish flops.

  8. So happy to hear you had a wonderful getaway. The fish flops are awesome!

  9. Glad it was a creative and productive weekend, LOVE the fish flops!


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