Monday, August 19, 2013

Making Ashley's house a Home..Day 5 and the start of a new driveway

Another busy, early day for us.
Wayne had to work today, but Ashley took holidays, but goes back to work on Friday.
Today we focused on painting the rooms we haven't got to, and painting all the trim and baseboards.

I thought I would share some photos of her home with you all, since many of you wanted to see the house.
This is her living room. It is a light grey/blue colour called Silver Screen.
As you can see we removed the baseboards to paint them in the garage.
I now want to take off all the baseboards throughout the house as when I took these ones off, there was a lot of pet hair behind them...gross.
Look at those beautiful hardwood floors. They are original to the home.

This is another view of the living room.
I painted all the trim a nice crisp white.
As you can see I still haven't taken the painters tape off ;)

The dining room area just off the kitchen.
Ashley picked the same colour here as it is open concept. She also painted the ceiling the same colour :)
Again I see painters tape I have yet to take off.
I started on the trim around the closet to the left tonight, but will finish it tomorrow. I think I will take the door off and bring it in the garage to paint. I may try and pawn off painting the door to one of my girls, lol. Painting those slats don't look fun.

This is her spare/guest room.....or as she likes to call it Heather and Kristy's room :)
I love that my girls are so close :)
The colour she chose in all the bedrooms is this light blue colour called Cool Sky. Oops, Ashley just read my blog and told me the whole main floor is all the the Silver Screen colour...only her bedroom and dressing room is the Cool Sky. Again she painted the ceilings the same colour and the baseboards and trim a crisp white.
The trim and baseboards were all a dark wood.
The desk in the center of this room is from Ikea. She painted it the same crisp white and is going to use it for her computer desk.

We were very surprised to see that the new driveway got started today.
The company that is doing her driveway is the same one that bought Wayne's business.
So Wayne came by to measure the driveway, went to talk to the owner and about an hour later, the owner came by and told us they would start today.
I guess that saying is really true...It's who you know, lol.
Here they are digging up the old asphalt.

I thought it was pretty cleaver how they dumped the Granular A into the backhoe bucket so they didn't waste any on the road and didn't have the hassle of cleaning it up :)

They hand raked the whole thing and then packed it down with a packer and then with the big roller.
I think they will lay the asphalt later in the week.
As this was happening, Sharon came by with her son, who is a brick layer, who is going to repair Ashley's steps, which is in much need of repair.
Sharon was shocked at how much we have done since she was here on Friday, plus that the driveway was getting done so soon.

Because we are working on so many things at once, it is hard to see everything that has been done.
I have to remind Ashley of this, as I think she was getting frustrated that things weren't moving fast enough for her.
I can totally understand how she feels though, she just wants to be moved into her home.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)
I was very creative...just not in the paper craft type of way ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Her house is coming together very nicely, although it doesn't seem fast enough for Ashley.

  2. everything is looking awesome!
    it is awesome how close your girls are! wonderufl

  3. Fabulous progress - all be done before she know's it. Such a great way to do it too, with an empty house - tell her if she had moved in completely and then decorated, it would have taken way longer!

  4. I love the color she chose, it will look great with so many things! I'm sure the house will be move in ready in no time!

  5. Everything is looking nice! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. OMG, Fantastic progress.
    What you've all done in a week took me almost 3 years.

    Love the colours and what a great idea to paint the computer desk to match the room.

  7. Wow! Looking fabulous! And I totally noted the floor! ;0)

  8. looks so beautiful! glad that it is getting done quickly!!!

  9. She is making fantastic progress! Everything looks wonderful!

    I love the colors that she chose for the house, and the hard wood floors. They are gorgeous!

  10. Wow! That is amazing progress. I love that silvery color. Her house is so cute! :)

  11. Wow...everything is coming together so well! It looks wonderful. I love the colours she chose for the walls and trim.It is so nice to see this is a family project too!
    We are like that as well and tackle huge projects toghter!


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