Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making Ashley's house a Home...Day 7 Moving out Day :(

I knew this day would come.

Wayne and I knew Ashley wanted to buy a house, so we encouraged her to save her money.
I was with Ashley when she went for her loan.
I was with Ashley house shopping.
I was with Ashley when she put a bid on a house.
I was with Ashley when her bid was accepted.
We have been working non-stop for 7 days, 8-10 hours a day to get this house move in ready.
What did I think would happen!
Why then when she came home to pick up some things as she is spending her first night in her new home, did it hit baby isn't living at home any more.
I gave her a hug goodbye like I would never see her again and wept like a baby.
She kept telling me "It's okay mom, you're going to see me tomorrow morning". "Its okay mom".
Yes my baby has moved out and I hope it gets easier when the other two leave the nest.
But lets not go there, I can't handle the thought right now.

Okay lets get on with the home repairs and focus my mind on other things.
This has been my nemesis today.
It is the closet doors for the hall linen closet.
As you can see the paint was peeling off. Yesterday I was scrapping a bit of old paint off the edges as the last home owner was a messy painter and had drops and over hang of paint.
While I was scrapping off the old came off in thick layers.
I think they covered oil based paint with water base paint...that is a no no.
So I scrapped off all of the old paint, then took the doors in the back and sanded them with my palm sander...about 4 times each side.
There were about 5+ coats of paint on these doors. I didn't sand to the bare wood, but enough to rough up the under layers of paint.
So far so good, my paint is adhering to the doors :)

Today Ashley's satellite got hooked up.
She is mounting her flat screen on the wall, but we didn't get the wall mounts yet.
Heather, Kristy and Blake put together Ashley's 4 dining room chairs and her table.
I see a register cover is yet to be put in, lol.
We took them all off and repainted them.

The electrician came by today to look at all the wiring and receptacles.
He made notes of what he wants to change.
Lucky for Ashley, the electrician is Tyler's uncle who is a retired electrician ;)

Also the door guy came.
Ashley has ordered a new front and back door as well as screen doors.
They are also going to replace the door casings and trim.
She was shocked at how expensive it was going to be. But I reminded here, that its not just the doors she is buying.
She was going to get a wider door at the front door (easier to move  furniture) but it was going to cost and extra $800.00 to get them to widen the area.
Guess she will just keep the furniture moving to a minimum.

Remember I had told you I cut my finger yesterday taking Ashley's bed apart.
We did bring it over there late last night and set it up for her.
My finger is still numb near around the cut and it is throbbing a bit.
I am sure it will heal on its own, but Heather still wants me to go to the doctor....we will see.
And yes, that is white paint on my finger...wait until I show you my fancy manicure, lol.

That is it for me tonight.
I am exhausted and my body is showing its age with all this bending and ladder climbing ;)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Aw, must be hard to have her go! Sweet little house for her though!

  2. You all have been working so hard! It does not get easier as they fly the nest! Looks like an ouch on that finger! Take care of it!

  3. Sending lots of hugs Tracy. I don't know about that finger, numb doesn't sound too good.

  4. i can only imagine what it was like when she said goodbye!! i would have been crying too!!

    take care of that finger

  5. I think you are acting like any other Mother would on a child moving out! I am terrible at letting go and still find it hard to let my kids go off on their own for the day! I would have the cut checked to make sure you have nothing in there that could cause an infection, looks quite deep! Hugs coming your way!

  6. She is a lucky, lucky girl to have you, her Dad and all her friends helping her with this project. It is understandable that it would be a very emotional day for you and for her as she moves on to the next part of her life. Keep an eye on that finger. Have you had a tetanus shot in recent years?

  7. Oh Tracy, I can feel your hurt across the miles. While this is such a happy time for Ashley and I know you are so proud of her, it's painful too. I still remember when my sister moved out and how much it hurt my parents and I.

  8. I'm so sorry that Ashley is moving out. I know it is an exciting new adventure, every new adventure is a little sad too, because it means something else is ending. I was so upset when I moved away from home for the first time. We all sobbed in the airport at the TSA station. And my parents still watch me and wave the entire way until I get through security, and I've been living away for over 2 years. I think it would be sadder if you weren't sad, you know?

    Her home is looking beautiful, and she is so lucky to have you and Wayne and your family and friends helping her on this journey!

    Also, I think I'm with Heather on your cut. A quick check at the doctor couldn't hurt!

  9. Wow, what a week's worth of work. I'm sure she's so appreciative. My son is currently house-hunting - so I'm sure I'll be able to relate even more once he finds one. Best wishes to the new homeowner!

  10. Our children growing up and moving into their own place must be one of the most emotional moments for parents. Though sad, it is also a great thing. For then, they will learn things on their own and grow up as individuals. By the way, it's a great thing that you accompanied her as going through the whole process of house shopping, purchasing, and getting on with the documents, not to mention moving, can be tiring. It's great to hear that things went smoothly and that you lot are now focused on house projects. Best of luck to you and Ashley!
    Erick @ Churchill Mortgage


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