Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planner Pages and dinner at Ashley's

I made a couple of cards today, but I can't share them yet as tomorrow is my DT day.
So I thought I would share my planner pages with you.
This week I have used washi tape (are you even surprised, teehee)
I also used these epoxy stickers I bought at Michael's in the $1.50 bin.
I know they are going to be a pain to write on, being raised up from the paper, but this is the last week of August, Can You Believe That!!!!!
And being that it is the last month, I will have a monthly calender in between to next week. So we will see how much it hinders my writing.

Ashley invited her sisters over to her house to watch the new season of one of their shows.
She also invited them and me for dinner. As Wayne worked late tonight, I accepted the offer.
Heather, Kristy and I got to Ashley's house before Ashley got home from work. So I did a few more coats of paint on the trim, Kristy started cooking dinner and Heather hooked up Ashley's xbox.
Heather said that it felt like we needed to do something as every time we are at Ashley's house we are working, lol.
When Ashley came home she said how nice it was to come home from work and have us there to talk to. instead of a quiet house :)

Here is the dinner Kristy prepared for us.
Seasoned chicken with cooked fresh veggies. It was very good Kristy :)

After dinner, Ashley and I got to work putting her shelves back into her upstairs hall closet.
I have no idea how they fit in there before we painted them as I had to shave off the ends of the shelves to fit back into the closet. 
Good thing we left Wayne's hand planer there. Would have been nicer if it was electric ;)
It was so hot upstairs. Finally I realized it would be a lot cooler in the basement and brought my project down there....of course I was almost done, lol.

I left Heather and Kristy at Ashley's to enjoy their show and I went home to feed Wayne some supper. 
But I took a turn to Michaels before heading home and picked up a few goodies for myself ;)
I really like the green washi tape. Even though it is packaged up for Halloween, it is pretty enough to use for any time.

I hope you all enjoyed a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Loving your filofax pages! Such a fun new trend!

  2. The Day Planner is gorgeous. Seems like your daughter has settled in really well. I chuckled at your washi tape run - you and your washi tape!!! Thanks for stopping by the tincan deli today - I am impressed that you make so much stuff and that you manage to blog regularly, I can just about get that one tag in , and is about all I do a month these days- and I have an average of 2 blogposts a month so I think you're the more productive one.

  3. Ashely's home is looking beautiful. It is nice that your all getting together too. Nice Washi tape.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Love the stickers in this weeks planner - fab! Seems Ashley is settling right on in and so nice to all have a meal together there! Happy Hump day :-)

  5. A very special dinner to remember! Glad you got some goodies at Michaels. I was there yesterday, too. Today my wallet is sad.

  6. I went to Joann's and Hobby Lobby yesterday but left with nothing. Gasp! LOL! Love your planner pages.

  7. What a nice time together at dinner! Looks very yummy to!!! : )

  8. I love the day planner...i need one. i often have to take a side trip to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby! fun!

  9. What a fun day! That is so sweet that you were all able to have dinner at Ashley's. And you guys are so helpful!

    Love the planner pages and your new washi!

  10. I never thought about using the epoxy stickers on my planner pages. I think I'll wait to see how you're writing goes and then decide if I'll try it out or not. Lol! I love the picture of the girls sitting together at the table :) So sweet :) LOVE the Halloween washi!! I've see a lot of posts about it, I need to get check out Michael's!

  11. Tracy, your pages are BEE-autiful!!!.. When you get a chance, stop by my filo-blog. That's where I post my filo-stuff! (0; Love the washi tape you picked up for Halloween! Really CUTE! ~tina

  12. you used washi tape, I thought we were only supposed to look at it. lol

    Yummy supper!


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