Friday, August 9, 2013

Posting from the truck

We are on our way to the cottage.i mean that literally, I am in the truck being bounced around. Boy we need some road repairs done, lol  
Today Kristy and I did a lot of running around town. 
I didn't eat anything till 1:00. Which is odd as I need to eat breakfast in the morning or I get we stopped at the Great Canadian Bagel. Picked up some bagels for the weekend and I picked up my breakfast.  Looks yummy doesn't was.😄

While we were out we witnessed some road rage. A transport truck driver and a guy in a car got out of their vehicles started yelling at each other, then started pointing fingers then fists started to fly. 
They were far from me. But I was about to get out and beg them to stop fighting. This was so upsetting to me.
But the light changed so they got in their vehicles and drove off.but this upset me for most of the day
Don't understand why some can't just talk it out. 
Spent the rest of the afternoon looking for an adapter thingy for Wayne. 
It was like a found the golden egg when I finally got it...5 stores later. 

I hope you all had a creative Friday 😃
Stop by tomorrow as I have an early post scheduled with a challenge and a card to share with you 😃

Tracy 😃


  1. Those looks yummy. I have to eat breakfast everyday too. I don't understand why people get so mad driving, but don't let that kind of things upset you. I hope you have lots of fun at the cottage. Looking forward to see your card. =)

  2. I'm an early morning breakfast person, Then I have a second breakfast a couple of hours later. Your's looks yummy, looking forward to the challenge and your card. Have a super fun time at the cottage. We head home on Tuesday.

  3. Sounds scary with the road rage! It's a good thing you did not get out of your car. They might of started yelling at you! Your breakfast looks very yummy! Have a fun time at the cottage! : )

  4. Love the road picture, gorgeous view, bad roads or not. I already saw those buns and you know what I think of those. Lol!!!! I'm so sorry that incident bothered you, I wonder sometimes why people act the way they do :( That's great you found Wayne's adapter thingy! (I started to just type thingy, and then realized typing Wayne's thingy sounded really bad LMAO) Hope you have a great weekend at the cottage!

  5. Looks like the perfect Road Trip food!

  6. Breakfast/lunch - brunch! Looks yummy. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

  7. That breakfast looks yummy!

    That stinks about the road rage. I hate when I see other people yelling. I'm always worried it is going to escalate and get crazy and I'll have to be a witness!


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