Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18 and the day with my girls.

Day 18 of 30 Days of Thankfulness.
Today I got to spend the day with my girls.
Ashley took the week off of work and the other two didn't work today :)
So Ashely volunteered us to help work on her house, teehee.
But before that, we went to Vanderwee's to check out the Christmas displays.

Then we were off to Ashley's house to help her with some work.
Heather volunteered to rake up the leaves. And boy were there are a lot of leaves.
As Heather was raking the leaves, Ashley and I painted her bathroom.
Ashley is planning on re-doing her whole bathroom in March or April, so she wasn't going to waste her time painting it.
But I convinced her to paint it anyway. Since it is going to be awhile, I told her wouldn't it be nice to have a crisp, clean, newly painted bathroom until then.
She agreed and is happy that she did :)
The biggest hurdle was keeping Sebastien (Ashley's new kitty) from getting in the way.

When we were getting paint from Home Depot, we looked at the Christmas trees.
See the photo on this box of this beautiful full tree……...

Here it is on display.
See all the gaps and empty spots…not so nice up close is it, lol.

I think I'll be spending most of my week with Ashley painting and working on her house.

I hope you all had a wonderful creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That tree on display is yucky!

    I always enjoy the posts about your family. You have strong family values and so do your have taught them well!

    Wish my family would let me post their photos! Would love to do posts like this.

  2. Whoa lots of leaves! Mine are all gone. And what's left is under snow. At least the Charlie Brown tree allows for ornament tucking. Sounds like a nice day.

  3. Nice of you all to pitch in and help Ashley! I hope she is enjoying her house.

  4. Glad you had time with your girls, great photos! And wow, what a sad looking tree!

  5. looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

  6. What a great day :) I need to paint the girls bathroom, but it's not happening before Christmas! Lol! I hope you post pictures ofv what you're Worthing on over there!!

  7. What a wonderful day you had, even being a "working" day is fun with family. Great pictures as well.

  8. Lovely day and fab photos:D

    Your Layout is gorgeous too:D:D


  9. So nice that you got to spend the day with your girls and I am sure that your daughter is so thankful for all of the help that you are giving her with her new home!

  10. Glad you had a great day - and all those leaves are gone - wow! That tree on display looks terrible, maybe they didn't put all the branches on LOL!

  11. Yay for getting to spend a day with your girls! It looks like lots of fun!

    That tree is terrible! I remember a few years ago, when we couldn't get the tree we wanted from Target (it had sold out in a matter of hours), we went to Home Depot. Their trees were so bad that I actually cried in the store thinking I'd never get a good tree!

  12. You and your girls....your whole family really....have such a strong work ethic and a strong family bond. You and Wayne are such good examples for your girls and they are very fortunate to have you two as parents. Course you guys know how to play as well. Not all work :D

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie


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