Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My day in Pictures

Day 27 of 30 Days of Thankfulness
Today I am thankful for authors.
I love to read, I love to get lost in a book.
My love of reading started at a young age. It helped me escape my reality for a while.
I loved to read about the adventures of Harriet the Spy, all of the Judy Blume books, then went on to all of the VC Andrew books, and as you can see my favourite author is Stephen King.
My dad and I would talk for hours about Stephen Kings writing.

Today I needed to go grocery shopping for our Fakesgiving for tomorrow…but I will share more of that tomorrow ;)
But on our way into Safeway we saw this awesome bike.
So cool that it has this backseat with a canopy.
How fun would this be, not only to drive, but to take a ride in.

Kristy was happy to go out and do errands with me as that meant she got to be my driver.
Both Heather and Kristy love to drive.

This is a sure sign that Ashley is over.
She always takes her socks off and just leaves them in the middle of the floor, lol.
I should get her back and leave a pair of my underwear in the middle of her floor at her house…I wonder if she will think its funny then, lol.

Ashley came over for supper and then started to make a wreath like she made last year, but this one is for her house.
Then we started talking about Christmas decorating…remember we are working as a team on our decorating this year.
So we ran to Michaels as they are having great sales this week.
Ashley picked up 9 strands of garland for the outside of her house and I picked up these outdoor lighted trees.
They were 50% off and I had a 35% off total purchase including sale items coupon.
I couldn't use the coupon?
Because my trees were 4.5'. The coupon could only be used on trees under 4'.
Can you believe it!!!
At first I wasn't going to get them, but I really like them…so I sucked it up and got them.

Came home and watched Survivor. Who else watches Survivor?
That was my day in photos for today :)
I hope you all had a creative Thursday.

Tracy :)


  1. Yay reading good! I love to read too. Haha, I have a sock kid too. Drives me bonkers, on the floor, on the my bedroom. HUGE Survivor fan. I've watched every year since it started. Geez, smokin deals at Michaels. I should go.

  2. Awesome day, Michaels is at least 60 km from me and it's right in the area where there is lots of snow but I would still like to go. I'm not a Survivor fan, Amazing race is my reality show. I am the sock person, I sometimes even take them off at other peoples houses and last week I had to go sockless in my boots, they were all in the wash. As a child I used to bring home as many books as they allowed from the library my favourite was Nancy Drew. I now read all the horror writers with the exception of Stephen King.

  3. Looks awesome! My son leaves his socks right in the family room every day & it drives me crazy!

  4. Great day and lol on the socks! Andy comes home tomorrow for the weekend. It is also Shannon's birthday and she thinks he will be home after 10pm, but he is flying home early so will be home before she gets in from school :-) Surprise!

  5. Omg- the underwear would be soooo funny!

  6. Great pictures :) I love the every day stuff! That really sucks about the coupon, but at least they were still on sale! You should TOTALLY leave your underwear on the floor!

  7. Awesome bike!!! Curtis needs that to pick up the grandkids from school when he retires in the spring.

  8. I love to read as well. VC Andrews freaks me out! I read the first book and couldn't go further. Too similar to my real life as a child for me.

    You crack me up! Socks on the floor from Ashley and your quip about leaving your mark in her home. LOL!!!!

    Hope you and Ashley have fun decorating your homes for Christmas. Team event! Sounds like total fun.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  9. I love a good book too!

    That stinks about the coupon, but I'm glad you got the trees anyway! Can't wait to see how your decorations turn out!

    That bike is totally awesome! I would love to ride around in that!

    That is too funny that Ashley leaves her socks on the floor, you should definitely get her back at her house!


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