Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 of Thankfulness and a card video

Day 2 of 30 Days of Thankfulness/Gratitude.
Today I am grateful for my daughters.
They are the light of my life.
They are so thoughtful.
They are so caring.
They are so funny.
And the best part is that they are so close.
I have always told them that sisters are forever. Boys may come and go, friends may come and go…but sisters are there for life.
These 3 girls/ladies have made being a mom, the best experience of my life.

Today was suppose to be a day of just relaxing at home.
Then Wayne got to playing on the computer to customize a jeep.
He keeps telling me we should get a new one….my jeep is only 3 years old!
Then he said, lets just check out the Jeep lot and see what they have.
Well I humoured him and went along.
Next thing I know I am taking a test drive, lol.
We will see what Monday brings :)

I got to create a bit today.
I can't share it yet as it is a gift.
But I will share a video I did on a few cards I have made…If you are a follower of my blog then you may have seen most of them :) I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lol, like the shopping, but the actual vehicle purchase always terrifies me! We are shopping to replace dh's 10 y/o car, but may wait another year or 2 depending...hate havi a car loan!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful! What a fabulous photo!

    I hardly put up half of my Halloween stuff this year. I ddo not want to moan on my blog to everyone, but my back is very sore since our flight home from England.

    And...All the walking we did flared up my carpal tunnel problem. I have had one surgery on each wrist already but may have to have them done again with the more invasive surgery. It is gripping the poles when I walk that has caused it! Drag...
    Now my arthritis flared up as well, so I am one sore, cranky lady.
    Usually I fuss and fiddle about making it as scary as possible. This year I just threw those decorations about the faster way possible! lol

    Will watch for new jeep photos!!!

  3. Fabulous video and love the picture of your girls! I hope my two girls remain close as they grow up :-) TFS

  4. I haven't watched the video yet but I'm sure it is fabulous. The picture of your girls is fabulous, I see you are a proud Mama. Love your Sisters are forever. Being an only child I have missed the sibling thing. I am thankful for my husband of 53 years, it seems to me we grew up together too we married young. Off to check the video.

  5. Thank you Tracy , loved your projects
    Look forward to your videos
    Hugs Frenchie Hum

  6. great projects Tracy!! Can relate to your thankful list so far:)

  7. Love the 30 days of Thankfulness idea. Hmmm.....I'm thinking you may have a new Jeep in your future. LOL. That would be some impulsive purchase. :)

  8. I have always loved this picture of the girls :) they are three wonderful things to be thankful for :) I can't wait to hear about the Jeep today and what happens. Lol!

  9. That is such a great picture of your girls!

    Wonder what happened with the Jeep!

    I love seeing your card round ups!


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