Friday, November 15, 2013

FNS and Day 15 of Thankfulness

Friday Night Scrapbooking :)
I wanted to use up that kit I had purchased from when I went to the Crop & Create event back in October.
I had to grab some card stock out of my stash and a bit of brown coloured scraps.
But besides that, so far I have been using the rest of the kit.
I am far from completing this layout….hopefully I can get it done this weekend so it doesn't stay on the dining room table all week ;)

Today I spend giving the house a good tidy and clean up.
I even deep cleaned a bit. Like moving the fridge and stove so I could give the sides a good wipe down and wash the floors underneath them.
So today's day 15 of 30 days of Thankfulness.
For today I am thankful for my pretty red vacuum :)
Wayne ran out and bought me this vacuum last year around Christmas as my old vacuums power head stopped working.
I really like this vacuum because it is so so pretty :)
I wish the nozzle didn't have a light on it as it makes it to big to fit in tight spaces. Plus one of my daughters broke the quick release for the power head…so I have to jimmy a stick in there to detach it.
But its oh so pretty ;)

My friend Lynne and her daughter (who is friends with Kristy) came over and we all ordered pizza for supper before scrapbooking began :)
I am NOT a big pizza fan..but I ate 3 pieces..I guess all the cleaning made me hungry, lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. How did we cope before vacumns. DH just tried out the beam that came built in with this house. I am not a big fan f them as they seem to be hard on the corners of walls. The corners and the baseboards yet yarded on when the pipe thingy is dragged room to room.
    But man...did that thing pick up the dirt...maybe I will learn to love
    I am grateful for my vacumn too...

  2. Not fond of my central vac either, dragging that hose around is a "drag" Lookind forward to seeing your finished LO.

  3. Yay for more scrappy pages! Look forward to seeing the completed project! :o)

  4. Glad you had a great day - and look forward to seeing those completed pages! TFS

  5. looking good so far~I know it will be beautiful:):):) love the vaccune cleaner too:)

  6. I can't wait to see your finished layout! Love that your vacuum is red! Anything to make the cleaning easier, right? Mind is bright yellow and I must say, it does make me smile :)

  7. Love your vacuum! The color is so pretty. Ours is blue, I think. AJ usually does the vacuuming while I'm cleaning up the biggest mess in the house - my scrap table!

    Can't wait to see your finished layout!

    3 pieces of pizza sounds wonderful right now. I forgot to bring utensils for my lunch, and we were out at school so I didn't get to eat :(

  8. Love that paper you are using from the kit. I had to chuckle at the tape on your table. Keeping your one friend aware of boundaries :D Hey, thankful for your vacuum. I really enjoy how you take the simple things in life and make them special.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie


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