Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Here's my New Ride my Friends

Today is the day I got my new jeep.
The reason it took a day or so, is because I wasn't really happy with the first offer they presented to me.
So I left.
After I told the dealership what I expected and why…I got a phone call at the end of the day….with a much better deal ;)
Between everyone in the family and the family company business, we have bought over 40 vehicles from this dealership.... So yes I did expect a better deal…and I got it

Here is Brad my sales consultant :) He is a real nice guy and was a pleasure to work with.
Thanks Brad for taking such good care of us :)

This is the inside of my 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee, I feel like I'm driving an airplane…lots of lights.
Everything is touch screen….Lets see how long it takes before the fingerprints drive me insane, lol.
First thing I did was put in my dusting rag, a dusty dash drives me crazy.
The only sad thing about this jeep…its not red :(

Day 6 of 30 Days of Thankfulness
I am Thankful for my beautiful red Jeep Liberty.
I was honestly hesitant to trade this beauty in. I would have been happy to keep her forever.
It has been a wonderful vehicle.
It was the vehicle that took us to Montana to spread my dads remains.
It was the vehicle that Heather and Kristy learned to drive with.
It was the vehicle that takes us on our mini trips away.
It is just so pretty :)

This is me when we made the deal on my beauty in 2010.
Do you think I get a bit to attached to things ;)
I phoned my friend yesterday about my struggle with trading my beauty in.
She just told me "Tracy, I remember when you saw someone driving your old blue truck you sold, and you had tears in your eyes…..just let it go".
Nothing like a good friend putting things in perspective, lol.

I have to admit this new jeep is very nice.
It will be like heaven in -40c weather this winter when I place my tush on the heated seats and wrap my cold fingers around a heated steering wheel.

I hope you all had a wonderful creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)


  1. I bet you look great in it too!!! :):)

  2. Your new jeep looks great. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Nice ride! I felt the same way when we traded our old Pilot in. I loved that rig to death. The best rig I have driven in winter weather!

  4. Nice Jeep, heated seats and steering wheel boy are you spoiled. The only vehicle I was sad to see go was our 1976 Chevelle two door and a burgundy red. My hubby gets attached to cars too and doesn't like to see them go. Your Jeep will be fabulous with your winter weather.

  5. congrats on your new car! i know how you feel about getting rid of your loved car. i did a layout of my old car!!

  6. Congrats!!! Beautiful car!!!! Lol, the heated seats do feel good when it's cold, but sometimes it gets so warm you wonder if you peed your pants! I'm constantly wiping off my touch screen in my car! Did yours come with one of those special cloths?

  7. Congrats!!Fabulous car and I love the colour:D:D
    Have fun:D


  8. Congratulations on the new Jeep! Especially the heated seats and steering wheel!

    You definitely deserved a better deal, especially after buying 40 cars from that dealership! They should roll out a red carpet when you walk in!

    I know what you mean about trading in your car. I feel the same way about cell phones. I always feel so bad when I have to give it to them to get my new one :(

    But now you will make new memories with your new car! And I will take new pictures with my new(ish) phone!

  9. AWESOME!!! Congrats on your new TOY! Jeeps are the BEST!!! I have a Jeep Wrangler! I LOVE it!!! Love the inside of yours! Have fun and enjoy your new toy! : )

  10. WOW - fabulous new car!!! And good for you, walking away and then getting the better deal - I should think so too :-) Enjoy your new wheels.

  11. You are super lucky, I love it. Heated tush would be wonderful. Yes it would.

  12. It's difficult not to get attached to our cars, since it's those things that make our daily lives easier. Our car has also become a tool to bond with our family, takes us to places we want to visit and see, and just about do everyday tasks in different places. But yeah, it's great to see that you had an equally beautiful new drive right now. And didn't you say that your sales consultant has been a very good one? That's nice to hear!
    Arlyne @ Spartan Toyota Scion

  13. WOW! lots of buttons and stuff. So sad for you that it is not red. Have fun driving it!


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