Saturday, November 9, 2013

I love to shop for creative supplies

Early morning start...but I expect nothing less from my Wayne;)
Woke up at 5:45am or 4:45 on this side of the border to get an early morning start. You didn't hear me complaining as I knew where we were going ;)
1st stop Cabalas
2nd stop Blicks.
I was looking for some type of embossing paste.  My drywall compound worked, but I was looking to see how the real stuff works. 
We didn't need to go into Mall of America as the girls aren't with us, plus Archivers isn't in the mall anymore....but we went in for a crepe and some cinnamon twists from Cinnabon ;)
Then across the road to Ikea. 
I picked up 2 Raskog carts. One for Ashley and another one for me. It was crazy in there. 
I want to apologize. If anyone was at the one by MOA and a tiny woman dressed mostly in black, cut you off in the isles I'm sorry. Crowds bring out the worst in me. 

Stopped in Scrapbooks Too. 
Was very happy to see a sign on their door stating that everything was 40% off!!
Halloween supplies 55% off!! 
The sketchy stamps of Tim Holtz are not my favourite look. But I wanted to try his stamp/die sets. 
Ran into Joann's, ran out empty handed. Shocking, I know!!

There is an Archivers in Applevally, so ran into there. Had to text Wayne for more money, lol. 
I was happy to find this small guillotine cutter. I was looking for one to trim my photos as my trimmer goes through blades fast when I cut photos. 
Then it was Gander Mountian for Wayne. Had a bit of an adventure getting there, but he was happy. 
Lastly Pine City Scrapbooking.
I had phoned there a couple of days before we left and she put some stencils away for me. They are so friendly there and really go that extra mile for their customers :) 
Day 9 of 30 days of thankfulness. 
This may seem like a silly one. But besides spending so much time with my honey...I am thankful for stores that have such easy access to their washrooms and that they are clean.
I have been drinking more water lately and I swear I pee twice as much as I drink, lol. 
I have also shared before that I have ulcerative colitis, and if you are familiar with this, embarrassing and painful disease than you know the importance of a bathroom with easy access, lol. 

I will leave you with that.  And did you notice NO washi tape today:)
Yes there was paper, but only one ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday. I have been creating in my head so much today!!
Tracy :)


  1. I use to go to St. Paul and Minneapolis all the time, and I have a sister that lives in Pine City Mn. I grew up in Grantsburg Wisconsin right across the boarder from Mn. Happy you had fun nice goodies hugs Terrie

  2. Ohhh great you stuff, you have the splash too from Tim, i could not find it.
    Hugs Astrid

  3. Love all your stencils, although the one looks like my scrap paper on my desk. lol. Are copics less expensive in the U.S.? You do have access to some great stores, not much around here. i did note you had no washi tape TODAY but lots on Friday lol.

  4. Wow good haul. Love your framelits I want some. The blueprint stamps are awesome. Use your inks and watercolour paper. I have most of them. And now you have most of the stencils. Yay! I just ordered the 3D Luminary die. Can't wait. It will be here Tuesday. Hope you find the Antiquities Frost.

  5. Looks like you got quite the haul. Good for you! I can hardly wait to see what you create with all your goodies. Our nearest LSS, which is 90 mi. Away is now closing. I think it will be mostly on line shopping for me!

  6. Lol! You make me laugh :) so happy you got your stencils! Excited about your IKEA cart!! Can't wait to see all of the fun things you'll create!

  7. Oh boy, that is an early start. Looks like you got some great stuff. You'll love the modeling past. Great stencils!

  8. I love reading about your scrappy hauls! =)
    One of my best purchases ever was my Fiskars guillotine trimmer!! i love it,, perfect for trimming photos and works on great on those 6x6 papers =) Can't wait to see what you create.

  9. I see someone had fun shopping! : ) I love all of your stencils. I need to get me some now. Glad you had fun!

  10. WHAT? No &^%#^^(*^(^ Paper? Really? Humph! Now how can I be pea green if you get no paper. glad you passed for one day on washi tape but I did see some in the final pic. LOL Oh well who am I to talk. I bought 4 paper pads on friday. Didn't we talk about that. LOL oh and 12 x 12 cause didn't have the 6 x 6 I wanted. buggers!
    Okay off for my long read and catch up. You might want to peek over at mine too. yes, I am always long winded. LOL

  11. Great haul t\racy...i am so eyed here! lol

  12. Those are some fabulous crafting supplies! My favorite is the little paper cutter. I have a special one for photos too - for the same reason!

    So jealous that you went to Ikea! I love that store! And those carts have been on my wish list too. Once we get the house :)

    I am so with you on your thankful thing. I once had to go so bad (long train ride + a very large tea) and I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom by Dunkin Donuts. You know, I'm a still a little mad at them... But I ran around the corner to Weight Watchers and they let me in - to the bathroom they share with Dunkin Donuts! So ha DD! I beat your system!

  13. Looks as though you got some really fab goodies there! Enjoy and hope your journey home was a good one!

  14. Lots o goodies again! And regardless, i am a fan of "good, clean, accessible" bathrooms too. My family laughs that I am "familiar with" or comment on them so frequently. 0.o


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