Friday, November 29, 2013

November Tag and FNS

I finally got to make my November tag for Tim Holtz 12 monthly tags.
It is a chalk board technique.
I had a whole different version in mind, but didn't have the stamp that I thought I did…so I had to totally change my design.
I made two versions of this tag.

Let me take you through my process.
First thing I had to do was make the tag, as I didn't have any black tags.
Figured I should make two….you never know I MAY make a mistake, lol.
After I made the tags I used Versamark ink to stamp my images.
I used two different stamps.
Again stamped both of the tags, as I read that this technique may take a few tries.

After I added the Versamark ink, then added Frosted Crystal Embossing Powder by Ranger.
Tim stated that when you melt this, you don't melt it as much as you usually do.
You want a matt finish, not a glossy finish.
I love this matt finish, I would be happy with it just like this :)

I wanted…okay, I needed to add colour to my tag.
I love colour and couldn't stick to the black and white like Tim Holtz.
So I inked up some paper and punched out some leaves.

Then I realized I didn't have any chalk in the house.
Just my luck.
I was chatting on the phone with my SIL/friend Sharon, as I was making this, and told her I didn't have any chalk. She thought she had some, and would bring it over, as tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking.
Turns out she didn't have any chalk, but ran into the dollar store to pick me up some on her way here….what a sweetheart she is :)
So I coloured the whole tag with the chalk….tag on the right.

I used two different ways to rub the chalk into the tags.
The first way, after I added the chalk, I rubbed it in with a piece of paper towel.
The second way, I rubbed it in with my finger.
The camera doesn't show it as well, but the second one picked up the chalk better. The paper towel took off to much of the chalk.

You know I like colour so I wanted to add more colour to at least one tag.
My good friend Denise had her Stampin' Up chalks with her and generously offered them to me :)
So I added more colour to my one tag :)
I also added the leaves that I had coloured up.

Here is a close up of first tag.
I wish I could have got a better photo than this, as in the photo the images look shiny. Which they are not.

Here is the tag I did with the coloured chalks.

I added some washi tape as ribbon to the top of the tags.
Not sure on my feeling of these tags.
But then again, if I would have started them at the beginning of the month and not the day before they were due….I could have played a bit more ;)

Day 29 of 30 Days of Thankfulness.
Today I am thankful for my Friday Night Scrapbooking nights.
I love to have all my friends over on this night….sadly not all of my friends can fit around my dining room table….so I really need to take over the rec room so we can all create together.
I am missing 3 of my crafty friends from this picture tonight.
Can you believe this is the best photo of us all, teehee.
I swear Kristy took over 20 photos, and this is the best one of the bunch, lol.

This is what most of the photos looked like, we were either laughing, someone was looking away or just looked bad, lol.
Love these ladies.
I am in the back, then on my left (your right) is Sharon, beside Sharon is Lynne and last but not least, on my right (your left) is Denise :)
Always a fun night.

I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sorry, read both posts and then wrote the comment on your earlier post...and got the crop night comment included...sorrrrrrry!
    I like the look of both of the first I thought I liked the one on the left better cuz I love the little sentiment added at the bottom...but I like the other one too. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Fabulous tags - love the all white tree! Great idea about how to do the leaves with ink and a punch! TFS and have a great weekend.

  3. Great tags, it's always been a desire of mine to do them but never seem to find time. Great looking bunch of ladies. TFS. your Friday group pic.

  4. Phew done just in time. They look awesome. And the added colour is great.

  5. Love your tag! Just getting it done under the gun! I like the added colour too!

  6. Just saying hello- a fellow Tim chalk technique experimenter in Johannesburg, South Africa. I love the coloured tree tag.

    1. Thank you Jennifer :)
      I wanted to check out your tag, but can't find your blog :(

  7. What a cool look to those tags, where did you find that embossing powder? I love that she had to take so many pictures, especially if you guys were laughing in so many of them :)

  8. I totally love both of your tags! These are way cool!

    You and your friends gathered around the table crafting looks like a lot of fun. Laughter and conversation. Bonus is creative brainstorming :D Thanks for sharing your group with us.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  9. I love how this tag worked out! Both the colored and white chalk ones look great!

    Friday Night Scrapbooking looks like so much fun!!


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