Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some pretties and Day 12

I just fell in love with this…..soup bowl/server.
I don't make pumpkin soup…or soup for that matter…but I just love the look to this.
I love the embossed...de-bossed design on here, the colours, everything about it.
It came with a ladle as well…I won't be using that either ;)
I think this is beautiful…bonus…it was 50% off ;)

Ashley wanted me to go shopping with her last night, but I just wasn't feeling well, so we postponed it to tonight.
Don't worry she went shopping with her sisters last night ;)
So tonight, Wayne fended for himself for supper and Heather and I went out with Ashley.
Kristy didn't join us as she was with her boyfriend.
As you can see I am not good at taking selfless, lol.
But my daughters are the star of the show anyway, so no worries, lol.

Day 12 of 30 Days of Thankfulness.
I am thankful for being born into this wonderful country.
I could have been born in any country, but I was lucky to be born in a place where I am free to have an opinion.
I have all the fresh water that I need.
I am free to be whatever I want to be.
I have fresh food at my finger tips.
I am free to vote.
I have a warm home that my family and I feel safe in.
I love my country…I am not saying it is perfect, but its pretty darn great.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
I am hoping to get a bit of creating done myself tomorrow :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a great find. The embossing really sets it off~gorgeous with or without soup!!!

  2. I love this country too! Your maple leaf picture there is a keeper (at least, I assume it's yours!)

    1. Yes I took this photo Lisa…it was actually taken with my iPhone :)

  3. Gorgeous bowl, I love making soup but wouldn't bother putting it in a tureen as nice as that, my soup bowl is fine. The one of the maple leaf is so impressive and I love our country too.

  4. Oohh that bowl is so pretty! Itv would make me want to make soup! Maybe that's more of a self instead of a selfie! Lol

  5. That soup bowl is fabulous!!! I am not a soup maker either, but I could certainly use it as a fall decoration somehow!!!

  6. Well girl...I think you need to come for a visit to BC...cuz I would fill your soup tureen with some lovely Madame Jenane Benoit soup. (She has some fab recipes) Just think of it as an episode of "Have tureen...Will travel!!!

    Love the beautiful photo of your girls even if you did cut yourself off...they look great!
    Your thinkful lines sure make sense this week with the typhoon overseas...love the maple leaf closing photo!

    1. I would love to go back to BC for a visit..and if you're going to make me some soup, even a better reason, teehee.

  7. Great pictures and wonderful post!

  8. Love the picture of you and the girls!

    I have a soup tureen too...that I have never used... But its made every trip from New York - Chicago - Baton Rouge!

  9. Love the tureen! So pretty! I have a favourite pumpkin soup reecipe I found on a blog last year- 3/5 of us like it. ;0)

  10. Now that is a post, and a sentiment, I can get behind. Being thankful. And since I said it, "Thank You" for reminding me of just how much I have to be thankful for. Love your new soup bowl/server. Quite an intricate piece that is.

    Oh, sorry in advance. I'm going to blow up your inbox by going through the posts I've missed :/

    Hugs to you my friend.


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