Monday, February 10, 2014

Crop & Create Layout with a video.

Do you remember these layouts I had shared on my blog?
Well, I have finally made a video for them :)
I know I wanted January to be my "Catch up" month..but it looks like I am pushing it into February as well, teehee.
But I am catching up AND keeping up with this year.

1st page of my 2 page spread.
I seem to only do 2 page layouts.
I think I am in the minority though.
Do you all do 1 or 2 page spreads?
In my 6x6 album I have made 2 page spreads but on two different events…I think that is as close as I can get to doing a 1 page layout.

2nd page of my 2 page spread.
Another thing I am ol' school about, is using post bound albums.
I just don't like the look of the binders for me personally.
Funny as when I did 8.5x11 scrapbook pages they are all in binder albums.
How about you, post bound or binder bound albums?

And finally my video :)
I hope you enjoy.
If you want to see it on my channel, as I still can't figure out how to size it smaller on my blog…here it is …Crop & Create Layout
I hope you all had a very creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Gven a choice (and I may actually do one yet!) I think I prefer post bound as well. :0)

  2. Cute 2 pager!
    I have to say I will do 2 page layouts but not as often as single page ones.
    And I am a binder album person. Post aren't big enough for me :)

  3. Cute pages. I did one album, post bound 8 X 8 and I did two page layouts. I also like them to flow. I keep looking at your projects and keep thinking I should do this but it never happens.

  4. So cute, love the colors! I do more 2-page layouts in our vacation albums, and have a mixture of post and ring albums.

  5. I rarely do 2 page layouts. Mostly single pages for me. And like binder type albums. Post bound albums don't hold enough layouts for me.

  6. Beautiful pages, Tracy! I really like the colour combination you used on them!
    I prefer the look of a post bound album for layouts, and like to do two page spreads. I do like a binder if I'm doing random layouts because they can be moved easily. :o)

  7. These look great and are so much fun! I'm a one page girl about 95% of the time. :) When I do a two-pager, it usually includes a pocket page.

  8. Love your layout. I still use post bound albums also

  9. I love your two page layout!

    I used to do only 2 page layouts, and only in post bound albums. But, I like to keep everything in chronological order, so the post bound ones weren't working for me.

    I've also started making both 1 and 2 page layouts now. It usually depends on my mood. But when I make 2 page layouts, l connect the page protectors in the binder, because I don't like when there is a big gap!

  10. Your page layout looks great, I really love it! :)

  11. Gosh that didn't seem like it was in November, it seemed like it was yesterday :) Loved the video, I like the sparkle you added to the chipboard pieces. So much fun to go to things like this with friends. All of my albums are post bound, then I started converting them to the strap hinge. LOVE those! The only binders I have are my Project Life.

  12. The layouts look great...I love the wee bird in the sweet!


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