Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Banner

Remember the little banner kit I bought at Target in their dollar spot?
Here it is all put together.
Kristy enjoyed making this for her big sister Ashley.
She didn't use the sparkly hearts.
Oh I'm wrong, I see two pink ones on either end of the banner.

I had to run out and get a few groceries….and of course toilet paper, teehee.
So I phoned Ashley to see when she was taking her lunch, so we could meet up at her house.
I made sure I got there before she did to put up the banner.
She was touched :)

It looks cute on the mantle that I made Ashley doesn't it ;)
See that little teepee?
That is Sebastian's (Ashley's cat) bed.
I dont' think he goes in there though, lol.
He has been know to lay on the top of it. Which scares Ashley as she thinks he may impale himself on the sticks. I am sure that wouldn't happen though.

I spent most of my day waiting for the refinishing guy to come by the house.
We had a couple of chairs from our new dining room set, that were flawed.
Also a few scratches on the table top.
I am a bit upset..okay a lot upset, as the sales person assured me that the finish was durable.
I questioned this as the table on display had many fine scratches on it.
He again reassured me that they now use a better finish and this wouldn't happen…Right!!

Enough of my complaining for today :)
I hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the banner. great job Kristy
    You should complain that is B.S.
    well they will spend some money fixing it... hugs,Pea

  2. Love the banner, it's looks so good on the mantle. Sorry about your table, let's hope it is sorted soon :)

  3. The banner turned out so cute and I love the way it looks on Ashley's mantle! What a bed, for Sebatstian! That really sucks about the scratches. I hope they are able to fix it somehow.

  4. love the banner!!! it looks so awesome on Ashley's Mantle!!

  5. Super cute! It looks adorable draped across the mantle.

  6. The banner is cute and looks great on Ashleys mantle. Sales people seem to think they can say anything to sell their products I hope they take care of it.. LOL at Sebastian, mine doesn't like her tent either but loves the fluffy bed.

  7. Such a cute banner for that gorgeous mantle! :)

  8. Such a cute banner. And it loos great on Ashley's mantel. And she wouldn't have it without her fantastic mama!

  9. Love the banner and I love that teepee bed! My cat would probably sleep atop it too :-)

  10. That banner is beautiful! I love how it looks on your awesome mantle!

    That stinks about the dining room table. I would have been very upset too. I hope the refinishing stays nicely!

  11. Banner looks great on the mantle. And OMG the Tee Pee kitty house is awesome. But she needs some Birch rounds in her cuter antique box. That would look great;)

  12. The banner looks perfect against the pretty mantle :) and the teepee is so cute! The salesman must've been trying to make his quota but I hate it when they fib to do so. I hope they do a good job refinishing it.

  13. How frustrating that the finish is not what the salesperson said. the banner looks so cute! I saw them there too!


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