Friday, August 8, 2014

A family filled wonderful day.

Today was a busy family filled day.
So busy that I am writing this post in the morning as Wayne and I didn't get home until 3:45am Saturday morning….but lets start from the beginning.

A friend and I met at a local coffee shop in the morning.
I walked there, enjoyed my breakfast of a muffin and a chocolate milk, we had a nice chat and then I continued on my walk.
As I was out my brother David (who is visiting with his family from out out of town) texted me and invited us to go to Kakabeka Falls with him.
I haven't been there for years.
So I decided to bring my "Big Boy" camera :)

See that middle section, between the water falls?
When my older brother Darrell, my younger brother Darren and I were camping there, as very young kids, we decided it would be fun to walk down there.
When my stepmom found us, (we were 1/2 way down the falls) she almost had a heart attack.
We each got a spanking and were sent in the tent until dinner….at the time, I didn't see what the big deal was, lol.

I took a lot of photos :)
Here is my SIL Amanda, my nephews Dustin and Tom and my daughter Kristy :)

It was  a hot day and the little ones got tired while walking the trails.
Oh to be a kid again and get carried when you're too tired to walk :)
Here is my "little" brother Davide with his son Tom.
I love calling my younger brother's little, as they are all so much taller than me ;)

Look…I found the prison from the Walking Dead ;)

Dustin was just too tuckered out and fell asleep while his mom carried him.
Such a sweetie.

After Kakabeka Falls, we went to get some ice-cream.
Dustin was still sleeping so he missed out, but Tom sure enjoyed his :)
I had a great day :)

Wayne and I had made plans with my oldest brother Darrell and his wife (who is also Wayne's sister) to go to their house and have a fire.
We were all close in our dating and raising children years, but now don't seem to see each other as often.
Because Wayne and I were actually in town this weekend as we have a wedding to attend and couldn't go to our cottage, I invited ourselves to my brother's ;)
We had a great visit and didn't leave until 3:30am.
My brother kept telling me to put more logs on the fire…but even though none of us were tired, I knew we would all be paying for this late night the next morning.
So we let the fire turn to coals and then headed home.
We were all shocked on how late it was…but then again, that is how you know you are enjoying each other's company :)

Hope you all had a Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Gorgeous photos, Tracy, definitely a wonderful day from the looks of it! :)

  2. What a perfect day. Good to spend time with family. Thank goodness you brought your good camera! The photos are fabulous!

  3. What a perfect day and the pictures are gorgeous

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! Love the photos!

  5. I'm not sure how I missed this post! What gorgeous photos. You live in such a beautiful place and I hope I get to visit some day :) So happy that you had such a wonderful visit!!

  6. What a beautiful place but WOW I'd have a cow too if my kid went down that middle part. LOL


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