Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to Reality

Last day of our Creative Getaway :(
Actually we weren't creative at all, we had to check out by 11:00, so we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the sun and the view.
This photo was taken from the deck.

Here is a closer look at this adorable cottage.
It is so cute.
I love the shutters and of course the hot tun set up on the lower part of the deck.
Debbie and I had figured that we have come to Mink Mountain for the last 5 years, and we have stayed in this cottage 2 of those.

I have to say, the Creative Getaway did get my creative ideas going.
Actually my creative ideas never stop coming, but now I have the urge to try and do them all ;)
So I am going to make time in my days to get some of my projects and ideas completed.

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you had a relaxing few days! Look forward to seeing what ideas are floating around in your head!

  2. This cottage is so cute, but I would be torn as to create, or enjoy the area :)

  3. Sorry your getaway has come to an end, Tracy, but so looking forward to seeing some of your ideas come to fruition! :)

  4. Beautiful scenery and cottage. it's always sad when your retreat time is over. I really have to find some time to create too.

  5. I need to get me a cottage! What a gorgeous place to spend time with friends, nature and creating!

  6. This is such a beautiful cottage. I love that you have a crafty retreat. I wish I had craftier friends so I could do that!


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