Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ignace Bound

Wayne and I drove into Ignace today.
He wanted to get some fuel for his gas cans. 
One thing we all enjoy when going there are these statues. Sadly Wolverine was missing :(
These figures are so fun and so many people pose infront of them. 
They are displayed in front of the Trading Post Motel.
We were going to get fuel, pick up a few groceries and head back to our camp/cottage. 
While Wayne was fueling up I notice a lady standing near the pumps enjoying some fries and gravy. 
I asked her where she got them. She told me acoss the highway. 
So while Wayne was busy I ran across the way and picked up 2 cheese burgers and a fries with was yummy :) 
Found these mouth watering goodies at thier local grocery store. 

Took a couple of photos on the way back to our camp.
Didn't get as many steps in today on my Fitbit as yesterday. 

For one reason we went on a trip to Ignace and two, it rained and was pretty windy. 
I did get over 12,000 steps, but yesterday was almost twice this amount. 

Still perfecting my planner tonight. 
Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Yummy! That plane is so cool (and the statues too)!

  2. Burger Scoop, that just sounds delicious!! Perfecting your planner... Can't wait for those pictures!!

  3. Nice statues, sounds like a fun time in town,

  4. Fun pictures, Tracy, and wow, I haven't had those pastries since I was little! :)

  5. Those statues and that plane are really cool!

    The french twirl (maybe I read the package right?) things look delicious!!! Is it like a filled croissant? Because that's what I'm imaging and it sounds so good!


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