Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How many cats are too many ;)

We are still looking to find a cat to complete our home.
After our Rose passed away, it has taken me this long to be able to open our home to another pet.
You can read about our Rose in this post "Good Bye Rose"

Last month we thought of adopting another cat and thought that Lily would be a perfect match for our family and she needed some love. You can read about Lily in this post "Lily for a Visit"
Even though we couldn't keep Lily, I am happy to say that she found her forever home :)

So today, Heather was on a mission to check out all of the cat adoption centres we have in town.
Here Heather is in her glory.
She had said her dream was to be in a room with many cats surrounding her…well today her dream came true a couple of times :)

First we went to the Animal Shelter.
This little cutie was a sweetheart.
Once I took her out of the cage she crawled into my arms, then walked into Heather's arms and then into Kristy's.
She is a lovey one.

Then we went to the Humane Society.
This sweetie is an older cat, and she was so desperate for some loving.
She would follow me around meowing until I would pet her or pick her up.
But sadly her fur is very thick and I am sure would bother Kristy's allergies.
I had a hard time at the Humane Society as there were so many cats and kittens there that were all hungry for some loving.
I almost cried and wanted to take them all home.

Lastly we went to some of the Pet Value stores here in town.
They keep (short term) some of the cats that Kitty Kare take in.
Kritsy wasn't with Heather and I when we went here, but Heather's and my heart melted when we seen these two kitties.

The first one that came out of the cage when I opened it was the brother of the two.
He is not shy. As you can see he climbed right up onto my shoulder, lol.
He wanted to wander around the store.
I wanted to see his sister, but she sat back as he took over.

Once brother kitty went to the bottom floor of the cage, as he took all the play toys with him.
I reopened the cage and snuck out his sister.
She enjoyed the snuggles, but was always looking to see where her brother was.
I did make an appointment for tomorrow to bring her into our home and she if she likes it here.
So you know tomorrows post is going to be full of more kitty stories ;)
I asked Wayne if we could maybe adopt 2 kitties…but he didn't think it was a good idea…considering he didn't really even want to adopt one. But he is a big softy and will fall in love with them as soon as he sees them.
I know he had a soft spot for Lily when we brought her home. Even though it was a surprise to him as he knew nothing about it, teehee.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I would be in the same boat, I would want to bring them all home, hubby too. It would be a shame to separate a brother and sister. I have a friend that went to a pet store and picked a kitten, they had the name of the former owner and called them he wanted to know if the got the girl or boy right then they went and got the brother at the store. When she brought him home and they saw each other they hugged. It has been a long time since we had a kitten "spook" is almost 17

  2. Awww! I can't wait to see how the kitties like it! :-)

  3. I was wondering how things were coming along with the kitty search, Tracy. Hoping you all find a good match because I know they will be well loved! :)

  4. Oh, they are all precious. A difficult choice. I'm sure you'll find the right kitty or kitties for you home.

  5. Yay for kittens! As someone who works with kitten and cat rescue (and has quite a "pride" of house lions myself) we often recommend two kittens be adopted at the same time, it sounds like a sales pitch, but in reality the high energy kittens will entertain each other and keep each other occupied...leaving less chance of them getting bored and into trouble. And they will have each other for company when you are away from the house. And two are really no more work than one...just sayin'... : )

  6. Lovin' all the kitty posts today! Oh, you gotta have the pair if possible! They look so sweet. To answer, two kitties are never too many :)

  7. Oh Tracy, don't you just want all of them? They are so sweet :) even though we are all allergic and can't have one, they are adorable to look at :) I can't wait for tomorrows post!!!

  8. Awwwee! Cute! I am allergic to cats but I have 3 dogs! So I say even three cats isn't too many!! haha

  9. Such sweet kitties! I have a soft spot for cute cats. We have 3 that were rescues because we just could not say no. LOL

  10. Adorable cats - hope you get to take one home :-)


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