Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Life Heidi Swapp style

Because I didn't make my card for the wedding yesterday, I had a few of my creative club members tease me.
A couple of the ladies on my Facebook Page "Tracy's Treasures" told me I should be punished by having a time out in my craft room, or should have to create all day….I think I can live with that punishment, lol.

I didn't have a chance to create yet today, but what I did do, was go to Michael's ;)
I had seen a video on FB of Heidi Swapp and Becky Higgins collaborating on a project for PL.
Now if you follow my blog you know I don't do PL.
I do "Project 365" in a regular run of the mill, ol' fashion photo album.
But what got my attention with this set is, well for one, I love Heidi Swapp's style.
I thought it was fun that these cards have a resist for the sprays :)

So lets take a closer look at what we get in the kit.
2 each of the sticky back canvas's and one each of these wooden words.
I am having a bit of a problem with the dots on the i's not there…but that is one of my many quirks ;)

Here are the resist cards.
I love the heart one that says "Love you" on it :)
There are 2 cards per style.

These cards are also resist cards.
This will be fun to change up the colours and play around with them.
Again there are 2 cards per style.

These cards here are water paper cards.
I love the cut outs, but again I am working with my issue of the empty spaces with the letters.

The package price was $24.99 a bit steep in my opinion, but I did have a 40% off coupon which brought it down to $14.99 before our 13% tax was added.
I am a collector, so of course I want them all. Even the core kits (I think that is what they are called)
It may be time for a trip to the good ol' US of A. I think the price I paid with my coupon, is the regular price I would pay there ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Fun first set you picked up, Tracy! I agree, I'd have a hard time getting around no dots for the i. :)

  2. Great kit, love the words, although when I die cut words with ab i the dot is immediately lost. I worked on some ATCs and made a card with "back in the day" products.

  3. Well that's freaking cute! I saw all the hub bub about this stuff online, but when I went to Michaels I dittany l didn't see this kit!! I wouldn't have noticed the spaces if you wouldn't have pointed them out. Lol! That would bug me too. Guess you'll have to put sequins or buttons or something in there, huh? Can you use those resists more than once or ate they pretty flimsy?

  4. What a fab kit! I am sure you will have fun with it!

  5. Looks like such a fun kit! The wording on the cards are so cute! :)

  6. These kits look wonderful and fancy (shock horror) you gave a store bought card! Needs must though eh ;-)

  7. What a great kit I know you will have so much fun playing around with all those goodies.

  8. Thanks for showing the contents - that looks like a really fun kit. I ran into Mikes the other day but was in a rush and didn't have time to really look at these. I need to go back and see what this collaboration is all about. Thanks for the look at this one! :)

  9. Looks like you will have some fun goodies to use when working off your punishment!

  10. Loving this pack as well!!!! What I am secretly hoping (and I am not the only one) is that the next collaboration will be with Ali Edwards....I have a feeling it would be fairly EPIC!!!!

  11. Hope to find me some of these! I don't do PL either, but the products are still useful!


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