Friday, August 22, 2014

The Messy Crafters Excuse

Today has been a day full of packing.
My friend Debbie and I are heading to our yearly "Girls Creative Getaway" on Monday so I started to pack for it.
I have a list that has the basics to packing for the crops I attend.
You know things like paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive.
Then I add to that with projects I want to work on.
Copics, stamped images, card stock and Copic paper.
Lastly the detailed supplies.
Pattern paper, embellishments, journal cards…this is the part that I have trouble with.
I always bring to much paper and go back and start packing more embellishments then I could use in a year, lol.
All day, I have been going and adding more supplies, lol.

Just so you know, packing in a room of chaos, is not so fun.
But now I have an excuse to use for my messy craft room ;)

We are heading out to the cottage, but just got a phone call from Wayne that a bearing and a screen broke at work, so he has to work late.
Hopefully not to late, as we don't like to drive on the highway at night due to the deer and moose.
So here is hoping they get the repairs completed quickly.

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


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    1. I have a lived in craft room too. Hope you didn't have to wait too long and are at your cottage.

  2. Be safe heading to the cottage!! How you have a great weekend!!

  3. Well, today you are no doubt crafting like crazy. Enjoy. And have you every thought about making up page/project kits so you don't have to lug so much stuff. My sister and I started doing that at our last couple of out-of-town crops and it is simpler and we get more done.

  4. Okay, I need to print this out and frame it in my craft room! That way, whenever people visit, I can leave everything on display :)


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