Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dance in the Rain..Art Journal and a video

It is a photo heavy post, but I wanted to share my process to making my art journal page.
And for an extra bonus, I made a video as well :)
What I won't do for you guys, teehee.

The prompt that Caroline and I had for this month was to use a girl image on our page.
I used this adorable stamp designed my Angie Blom called Lizzy Girl from the Angiegirl collection from Unity stamps.
I have to say, I am loving my page.
Each page I do, I like a bit more than the last :)

Ok…lets get started:
I wanted to have a border to this page and I wanted it to be a vine border, as I was going for an "April showers bring May flowers" theme.
I used Archival ink as I was planning on using my new water colour pencils.
Using Archival ink, I didn't have to worry about my stamping smearing or bleeding when the water is added.
I wanted to use mists for the background, so I made a mask of this image so the mists didn't go on my main image….I then used embossing powder and heat embossed my main image it to make sure the mists didn't bleed under my main image.

But before misting I wanted to add some texture with some background stamps.
I was trying to achieve some texture or dimension without adding bulk from papers.
By using the mask I made, I didn't have to worry about my background stamps going on my main image :)

Now to pick out my mist colours.

Time for some colour :)
Because I have heat embossed my image and made a mask for it, I don't have to worry about my mists seeping on my image.
I used this technique on my "Faceless Beauty" card.

See how crisp and clean my image stayed by using that mask and heat embossing it :)

Now to add some Rain drops.
I used a stencil and some embossing paste to make my rain drops.
I put the mask back on my image when I did the rain drops.
I know they look more like snow drops right now as the embossing paste is white….which would have worked perfectly for last week as we had snow ;)

I also coloured in the leaf border and my image with my new Inktense water colour pencils….which I have to say…I love!!!!
They blend so nicely and the part that sold me on these pencils, is that they are permanent when dry..I am going to have lots of fun with these in the future, and the colours are so Intense ;)

Now to make my snow drops into rain drops.
I need to add some colour.
I used some distress inks….what I should have done was put the stencil back on the raindrops and then inked them, as the ink also went on the background.
Which just added some more colour (which I like) but at the same time the rain drops weren't as prominent (which I didn't like).

In order to rectify that, I used my Pitt pen/marker and added a darker colour to the right side of the rain drop to add some depth.
I then used my white sharpie marker to add some highlights to the left side of the rain drops.
I have to say, I love how they turned out :)

I decided to not go with the "April Showers" them and go with this quote "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but Learning to Dance in the Rain"
When I showed my daughter Heather my finished page, she said it was nice…but why isn't my girl dancing, lol.
I told her, she hasn't learned the lesson yet, lol.

How adorable is this image!
I love all images that have umbrellas.

Look at how vibrant these colours are.
I love the umbrella colour….I think it is my favourite one in the set…but then again, this is the first time using these pencils, teehee.

And the finished page!!!
I am so happy with how this one turned out :)
As I had mentioned, I made a video on my process.
I think it took longer to upload the video and this blog post then it did to make this page, lol.
If you would like to watch the video on a full screen, just click on my name "Tracy's Treasures24"

If you want to check out "Caroline's art page" just click on her name :)
Her page is so soft and pretty, like a warm summers day.

After sharing my sneak peek yesterday, Caroline suggested I enter it in "The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge".  She knows what is going on with challenges :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful job, awesome colouring those pencils are fabulous. another thing I don't need, The video was good and I have lots of ideas and tips if I ever want to do an art journal. although I will need more equipment especially stencils and mists.

  2. Tracy I love it!!! Your are right, the pencil colours are very intense, gorgeous!! Love your commentary in your video, you always make me laugh. Your comment to your daughter was perfect about your girl not learning the lesson yet. Perfect motherly comment, lol.

  3. Cool page Tracy, I love it. That is my favourite quote. I have it on a wooden plaque in my hallway.

  4. Wow, beautiful page, Tracy! Enjoyed reading through your process and love the raindrops and her boots!

  5. Love the raindrops, Tracy. Love the artwork, great job!

  6. What a gorgeous journal layout!! I love the raindrops!! The details are perfect!! This is fabulous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Awesome journal page! I love the raindrops. Thanks so much for joining us this month at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  8. The raindrops are my favorite part! Love your page!

  9. I came from the new FB group. Yea. I am so bad at FB. Anyway this is wonderful. I copied your page into my art journal for tomorrow because I don't know how much time I will have for art tomorrow.
    Boy you give a lot a thought to your art. Love how you have a book to plan. I am way less patient. If I get an idea I have to jump into it. No always a good idea but I learn from my mistakes. LOL
    Wonderful pages! I love it!
    Hugs and Happy week!

  10. WOW - this is an amazing journal page and love those raindrops. Fabulous!

  11. This the cutest page! Love everything about it!!

  12. Creative!!! Love all of the raindrops. Thanks for joining us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  13. Great art journal page. Love the mixed media girl and the raindrops look awesome - love how you shaded them to achieve some depth! Thanks for joining us in this month's Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  14. such a lovely page! you used my favorite angie girl stamp, i love lizzie girl! the dimension on the rain drops was a great touch. Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!

  15. Great project! Thanks for playing the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge with us!


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