Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dentists Love Me

Busy day today.
1st stop was to the dentist for me….I had a cavity.
Seriously, a cavity at my age!!!
But the dentist said good news for me my gums are healthy and I shouldn't have any teeth fall out, lol.
My kind of guy…glass half full ;)
When I finally got home and my freezing was all out…I did enjoy a chocolate egg…hmmmm I wonder why I have had so many cavities, lol.

I didn't eat all day and I was starving.  I happen to drive by Ashley's house, I noticed that she was home for lunch.
Perfect…so she made me lunch and we had a nice visit :)

Kristy dumped her clean laundry on her bed as she was in a rush to go out.
As you can see, Luna appreciated it, teehee.

Its not clean anymore, lol.
Look at how sweet and comfy she looks :)
Our Rose never did this, so I am still surprised when I see Luna under the covers or snuggled in the blankets.

So after all of my errands today, I still had time to complete a pocket letter and to do a video of the ones I have completed :)
I just have to wait for the recipients to receive them (and for me to transfer and delete my old videos) to upload them :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like a full day, Tracy! Bummer about the cavity, but yay for time to create! :)

  2. Luna looks so sweet and innocent all comfy in the laundry. Our cat spook likes to lay on the towels after I've folded them. I've managed to get a birthday card done yesterday. Looking forward to the video on your pocket letters. I still haven't tried one.

  3. she does look sweet :) our boys love to lay in the clean laundry, and especially jump on the folded piles too! What did Ashley fix for lunch?

  4. Good visit to the dentist and love the photos. My cat Jess, always hides under the covers if the girls don't make their beds properly. So you walk in the room see a lump in the bed, and say "Jeessss" and you hear a loud meow as if to say "darn it, found me" LOL! Have a great day.

  5. Surely there is no cause and effect between chocolate and dentistry - or in my case, chocolate and weight gain.

  6. Well, that's a relief! While it’s not exactly good news, it’s good that the cavity was detected early on. At the very least, you can take steps to counter any further damage from it. Sticking to a good dental hygiene regimen might do the trick, but a visit or two to your dentist can’t go amiss. Good luck!

    Milton Wilson @ A Plus Family Dentistry


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