Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Pretties.

Another day of shopping.
But I am going to share the rest of yesterday's goodies. 
I dug in the $1.50 bins at Target and found some fun flags and tags.
There was a also some cute stamps in there.
I have some jar stamps at home and am hoping one of them fit in this punch. 
I am going to miss those Target dollar bins now that Target pulled out of Canada
Dollar Tree finds :).
All except for those shipping tags. 
I picked up 3 of those totes in different colours.  I love totes, and for a buck a great deal. 
I also love books, note books and planners.
I purchased one of these notebooks for a friends birthday, but having second thoughts as I love them both, teehee. 
Later last night we crossed the river into Superior to check out the craft store over there. 
Planning on using the stamp on my next art journal page :). 
I think I shared enough to hold you over until tomorrow, teehee. 

We went to Minneapolis for a day visit. 1st stop Cabalas....Wayne has to get at least one store in, lol. 
Funny thing is, besides my Bear Claw chocolate (that they didn't have by the way;(. But did get some substitutes). Wayne bought me a really pretty walking jacket. 
I'll share that tomorrow as it is still in the jeep. 

We are heading home tomorrow, I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. WOW you sure find a lot when you go down! I can't wait to head south and shop like you do now that I'll be pulling me Jeep! I have my eye on a scrappy store in San Francisco! I have a coat addiction so I look forward to that!

  2. Awesome finds. I bought some things at scrapfest, Couple of stamps at Local King Rubber stamp company with dies to match. No copic refill for E000, We did have fun, Safe drive home tomorrow and looking forward to seeing the rest of your goodies.

  3. More fabulous goodies and I hope you have a safe journey home!

  4. Awesome goodies!! Have a safe trip back

  5. I love the Target Dollar Spot and am a regular visitor! Haha! I have all of the items,minus the punch, from your first photo! Lol! I seriously stalk them. Love me some Dollar Tree too, but you already know that ;) that tote is awesome! I might have to see if ours has those! Loving that stamp! That will look awesome in your fauxbochini!

  6. Ok, I am swooning over here at this batch of goodies!! Those pretty journaling cards are awesome & are prefect with the stamp set & those super pretty journals!!

  7. All kinds of pretties you have! Love the new journals!


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