Monday, April 13, 2015

The very last last of my holiday shopping :)

I forgot to share my pretty new walking jacket :)
It is water and wind resistant.
Today would have been a perfect day to try it out as it rained for a bit and has been very windy, but I was busy.
What I like most about this jacket…it looks better on me then on the hanger…how often does that happen, lol.
I am so excited to see most of the snow is gone and looking forward to my outdoor walks :)

I needed to straighten my hair when Wayne and I were on our trip…but I couldn't find my hair clip to put up my hair so I could do the under layers.
I know one was clipped on my straightener, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
But I did find a large twist tie in my bag..don't ask why I had a twist tie, because I don't have the answer.
But look it worked great….move over MacGyver ;)

I can not tell you how much I wanted to muck around with my new creative goodies.
But I had a full day of doctor's appointments.
I had to see my family doctor for my blood work results.
Then get an ECG and lastly see my Cardiologist.
Nothing has changed…which is good.
But sadly my Cardiologist told me he is retiring this September :(
Our family doctor retired last year, then I was told my Gastroenterologist is retiring in June, and now my Cardiologist.
I know I will find other doctors, but I have been with some of these doctors for 30 yrs.
I hope they enjoy their retirement.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day today.
My friend was excited and came by tonight to check out my new stash, lol.
I am hoping to get into the new supplies tomorrow :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have fun digging into all your goodies, Tracy!

  2. Oohh, I love your new jacket! And what a great way to do your hair ;)

  3. Awesome jacket, love the colour I bet it looks fab. on you. Great news with your tests but it's not fun to find new doctors. we have so few here you can't change if you want to. Even the clinic has gone from 4 doctors to 1 with the same amount of patients.

  4. Fabulous jacket - love the colour - won't lose you as will be able to see you a mile away! TFS

  5. Oh, I love your new jacket!! The color rocks!! I hate having to find a new fun. Have a great day :)

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