Saturday, October 10, 2015

My day in photos...home edition, the curio cabinet

 Luna enjoyed the view this morning.
She loves and gets very excited watching the birds in the feeder.
Today was the opening weekend of hunting season, so while Wayne was hunting, I totally cleaned out my curio cabinet. 
I wanted a change. 

I took out all of the girl ornaments, dolls, my wedding China and more out of here. 
I dusted it all off and packed what l'm not ready to donate yet. 

During this time (as it took waaaay longer then I thought it would) Wayne came home, turned on the football game and we enjoyed some Chinese food in front of the tv. 

We switched between the game and the Walking Dead marathon. 
Not the best photo as it is so shiny from me obsessively cleaning the glass and mirror, lol. 

I filled my cabinet with my dad's and our old cameras. 
I also seem to collect added some of those as well. 
I love how it turned out!! 

I hope you all had a creative day :) 

Tracy :). 


  1. Love how you've filled up your cabinet, Tracy! Yay for TWD tonight!!! :)

  2. Another reminder to dust the curio cabinet, your new display looks good as does that chinese food.

  3. What a change for your curio caninet! Looks good! Hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving weekend.

  4. So pretty!! You're lucky to still have the old cameras, good thinking to hang on to them :)

  5. Like the camera collection. A great way to remember your dad.

  6. I love how it looks! What a great idea, to display the cameras in there!

  7. Fabulous collection!! WOW! Chinese looks yummy too!


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