Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Recipe Cards

I know I should be working on my Christmas cards…heck they should be in the mail by now.
But instead, I am altering some recipe cards to be used for Christmas.

My daughters love to bake and get excited when its Christmas baking time.
They plan out which yummy treats to make for the staff for where they work, or for Christmas get togethers with the family and sometimes to give away as gifts.

This year they decided to write them all up on good ol' fashion recipe cards…well, with a twist :)
You know that they had to be creative with them, right ;)
Kristy told me how she wanted the cards decorated…and I went to work.
We kept them simple, yet fun…at least I think so and they love them :)

I am so happy for a new week to start.
Last week was full of doctors appointments, dental work and a few visits to the emergency room.
Don't worry, we are all fine.
Here is to a week of Christmas prep and enjoying a healthy family :)

Hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love how you have decorated them, thanks to Kristy for telling you how to......

  2. Your recipe cards are adorable, Tracy, definitely will be fun to have them filled with tasty recipes!

  3. Great looking recipe cards. What kinds of yummy goodness will you be making? I am in the midst of a baking blitz. And somehow it ended up a few gals at my house tomorrow for lunch to sample sll the goonness. A little break in the holiday madness. I have been fitting in Dr and dentist visits too!

  4. Glad everyone is feeling okay :) most of my recipes are on scraps of notebook paper, I should probably do something g like this lol!

  5. Your recipe cards look so fabulous!! I love the inked edges!! I'm glad everyone is okay!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. LOVE your recipe cards! My daughter and I did our cookies last week. It's a tradition that we love, right up there with "It's A Wonderful Life."

  7. Wonderful idea for the recipe cards. Glad everyone is doing OK. We put our tree up on the 1st Dec and then take it down the day after my birthday. So we take it down on the 6th Jan :-)


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