Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pet Sitting

Well look at this cutie :)
This is Oscar, my daughter and son-in-law's puppy.
They are away on a trip so my SIL's sister and I are taking care of their animals

Remember how I said he was a cutie…well he is…but a hyper active cutie.
He loves to jump up on everyone and likes to nip on things.
Today he got my mitt off of my hand, then picked it up and ran away with it….little stinker.

Even though Oscar gets a lot of attention due to his demand for it….Sebastian is just as loved.
He is hiding under the kitchen table waiting for the demon dog to come in from outside, lol.

I picked up some training treats and have been trying to get Oscar to sit and stay.
He is understanding the sit…but not the stay command so much, lol.
He is also very excitable when going on his walks…but he was so good today when I walked him.
He let me put on his collar without jumping crazily and even walked beside me for the walk…so proud of him :)

I haven't been on the internet that much lately…hence no blog posts from me..or me visiting all of your blogs.
I have just been enjoying the holiday with my family and friends, relaxing and eating too much sweets (and lots of pop) and yummy junk food.
I know one of my New Years goals for 2016

Hope you all had (having) a wonderful Holiday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Good for you enjoying the Christmas season- me too! Cute puppy!

  2. Cute puppy, Sebastian has a great hiding place. I would think Oscar must need a full time sitter. Glad you are enjoying the holidays. There has been way too much snacking happening here too.

  3. Oscar ans Sebastian are adorable :) we have had many pups over the years and they all eventually grow out of that stage.

  4. Definitely a couple of cuties! Glad you've been enjoying your holidays, Tracy. Spending time with family and eating is what I've been doing too! :)


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