Monday, March 28, 2016


Saturday was spent celebrating my friend Lynne's 50th birthday.
Her mom asked me if I could put together some inexpensive centrepieces for the event.
Knowing I never refuse a challenge….I accepted :)

I wanted to use teapots as my friend is an avid tea drinker.
But we couldn't find any really cute teapots.
So my second choice was watering cans in spring-like colours.
Look what was found!!!!
Are these cute or what?!?!

Keeping the cost down is another of my specialties…you know, since I am cheap and all, lol.
The ceramic watering cans were found at the second hand store and were under 2.00 each.
I then made some small tissue paper flowers and adhered them to some coffee stirring sticks and placed them in the containers after putting some easter grass in them.
Lynne's mom's plan was to give them away to the guests by picking numbers.
Turned out everyone wanted them, so her cousins just took them off the tables when they went, lol.

I am still getting used to having my new haircut.
I got 4+ inches cut and am still trying to move it out of the way.
Problem is, there is nothing to move, it is gone, lol.
Spending the day chillaxin' with my Honey as he took today off of work and we decided to just stay at home and watch some movies :)

I hope you all have a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great Birthday - we should go for appies or dinner more often... I enjoyed that - I usually only see you guys scrapping.

    great Centerpieces - the Aunts snapped up the centerpieces - Lynne almost lost hers!

  2. Cute centerpieces! Your new 'do looks great, Tracy! I'm debating going in for a big chop... :)

  3. Nice job on the table center pieces! Your haircut looks cute too!

  4. Love those centre pieces - wonderful spring colours. I love you new hair doo :-)


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