Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New changes…not all good

I love this magazine.
I have every issue from their first one 10 yrs ago.
After I accumulate my scrapbooking magazine, I usually cut them apart and adhere the ideas I like, in my idea books.
But I never cut up my Canadian Scrapbooker Magazines.
I have the whole collection in order by date.

You know what I love about this magazine..
I love that it is a Canadian magazine.
I love that they feature Canadian artists.
I love that they share Canadian artist's craft areas.
I love that the quality of the magazine is high.
As you can see, I am proud to have a Canadian magazine featuring Canadians.

So I was very sad to see the name change from Canadian Scrapbooker to Creative Scrapbooker :(
The magazine is now sold internationally…so yeah!!!
But why the name change….Why…Be proud to be a Canadian magazine.
I wrote to them voicing my disappointment.
Whenever the new issue comes out, I run around town to find it….
But honestly, I'm not so excited to get the next issue :(

If you are on my Facebook, then you know that I lost all of my photos and movies on my laptop.
I couldn't access my  iPhoto, so Wayne upgraded my laptop, which worked.
But I couldn't access my videos and I had over 25 unedited videos on there.
I asked him to remove the new upgrade, so I could edit my videos.

Well….. when he did that, it cleaned out my computer.
I lost all of my photos and videos from Jan 2015 to present.
It is like a new laptop…I lost everything!!

I lost all of the photos I took at Ashley bridal shower and her and Tyler's wedding:(
One good thing is that I had printed up those photos for an album I am making.
I also lost all of my Defunkifying my Life videos as well…all of them.
So I had a bit of a cry…and then moved on, lol.

Today we had a snow storm…just as I was starting to see grass poking out from the snow :(
I know Spring is coming..really it is!!!

I hope you all had a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. that is pretty impressive that you have all the publications:)

  2. So sorry about the technological problems with your photos and videos. What a bummer.

    What if you took your problem into Geek Squad or something similar...just to see if they have any ideas...

    Had some health issues so have not been visiting for quite some time...Sorry about that.

  3. Yay, the magazine is going to be sold internationally, boo, they felt it necessary to change the name. :/

    Sorry to hear that your photos are videos are gone, Tracy. I don't suppose you had a back up that you can use to restore your computer from?

  4. Sorry to hear of your losing your pictures and videos. you handled it like a pro. I don't buy that magazine, in fact I only buy a Cardmaker one occasionally.

  5. Oh gosh, sorry you lost all of your photos and videos. I'm going to learn from you and back everything up right now. I don't know what I'd do if they all disappeared :( Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. I am so sad you list all your stuff. I've been through that and it sucks.

    I'm so impressed you have ALL the issues. Because of what my husband does we don't have magazines in the house... Or at least very few. I get it about the Canadian part. Unfortunately it has to be that way to grow. On the positive the magazine will continue to be heavy on Canadian content and our Canadian artists get a wider international audience. That's exciting❤️

  7. Such a bummer all the way around! How sad to lose your photos and videos! You need to back up and often!
    Curtis even got me a small external hard drive to take on my trip , just in case! And I down loaded almost every night. I only see that magazine when I go to the homeland.

  8. I had received 2 issues of that magazine many years ago, when someone sent them to me to check out. I still have them somewhere in my old mag stash. It must have gotten them somewhere with having Canadian in the name! Why change a good thing?

    I can't imagine how upset you are by losing all those digital files!! Good thing you had photos printed off, but the other stuff...oh my. At least your tax data wasn't on there.

  9. I didn't realize you are Canadian. Sometimes blogs specifically tell you where someone is located, and other times not. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I always appreciate your sweet comments, and of course you made me laugh out loud. Let's just say that I've had to step away from more than one design team over the years where people are just super unorganized, and they want to turn it around on YOU. But like I said, nothing can get me down this week. I'm on a high (the good and natural kind with my BFF - we met when we were 4 years old). Thanks for the smile you put on my face. I appreciate your blog friendship.

  10. Sorry you getting hit with disappointment left and right. But think of the magazine change as a world wide opportunity for Canadian scrapbookers to shine - as I am sure they'll still be the largest contributors (at least for a while).

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  12. Ok So i typed a comment and read it - it came out ALL wrong - You would have killed yourself laughing & then said really!!

    Boos to the name change & fell awful you lost so much - pictures & videos are treasures!

  13. Hope you were able to get things sorted :-( Grass, yes we can see lot's at the moment, but the forecast doesn't look good!


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