Thursday, June 16, 2016

2nd Front Flower Bed completed.

The rain stopped so I went out to play in the dirt ;)
This is how it looked like before I weeded.
I first had to weed the driveway front of the cement blocks.

Looks like a mini jungle doesn't it?!

Looks better already.
And that is just from weeding outside of the flower bed, lol.

Look at all of those weeds.
I filled up this big bucket with weeds.
I also trimmed the shrubs.
The Dogwood was dead last year, looks like it came back to life :)
Now isn't that a lot prettier :)
I picked up another planter from the nursery.
I was going to plant my own, but it was actually less pricey to buy one already done!
Bonus, save money and my time ;)

I just love these flowers so bright and pretty :)
I picked up this stand where the planter just sits in the ring at the top once it is locked into place.

I made this sign years ago when I was big into woodworking and decorative painting.
I have one for each season.
Looks like it may need a redo though... but it has weathered quite well.

My SIL bought me this plain birdhouse.
It is made out of balsa wood, so not very weather resistant.
But I painted it and sealed it.
I loved this, as I painted it Debbie Mumm her artwork.
I have to do some touch ups...or retire it.
Every year I have to glue it back together as the pieces separate....I guess I really should bring it in for the winter.

So that is what I did today.
Took care of another flower bed.
The rate I'm going they should all be in tip top shape just as winter rolls around, lol.

Funny story:
I needed to cut the lawn, with all of the rain we have been getting my lawn looks like a field.
I couldn't get the lawn mower started (this is an ongoing debate with my honey and I)
Later in the day a man comes to the door and asks me if I need help cutting my lawn.
I know he was looking for work...but how embarrassing that he knew to come to my house as the neighbours lawns are all nicely manicured.
When Wayne got home I made him start up the lawn mower for me, lol.

I hope you have a very creative day and get to enjoy the beautiful weather :)

Tracy :)


  1. love tracy, I translate today with babel fish, so you do not have so much trouble with me ... * lol * .... your back hurts you intended to hurt, from the gardening .... wonderful I find your welcom-sapling. ... what a wonderful eye-catcher ....

  2. Beautiful gardens love the bird house, take it in and repaint it this Winter. the plant is gorgeous. Cute story about the lawn, as I said on FB we still don't know who manicured ours when we were at the cottage.(hubby cuts it on Friday before we leave)

  3. Beautiful garden. Love the birdhouse

  4. Your garden looks amazing!! I love the beautiful flowers!! The birdhouse and sign are so pretty!! We've had so much rain, the grass needs cut practically every day!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Your flower beds look great, Tracy! It's nice here this morning so I think it'd be a good time to knock out our mowing. Then the rest of the day can be for me. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. That first snapshot is reward enough for all your hard work, isn't it. Pretty flowers!

  7. You have been busy tidying up your gardens. I have a side one that needs doing ;-)


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