Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cottage Closet Re-do.

What to do at the cottage when the weather isn't the nicest?
Spruce up the place of course :). 

There is an open closet in our bedroom that isn't the nicest. 
The shelves must have been made with leftover boards. 
Each shelf had 2 boards butted up together and wrapped with wood pattern adhesive paper. 
 The boards were nailed in place on wood slats
When Wayne and I painted our bedroom years ago, we just painted around them, plus we ran out of paint, so the closet was the thing to suffer. 
 As you can see a dresser fits perfectly on this area.
I took everything out and got to work painting the walls (as more coats were needed than what was on there) and the slats or brackets. 
I also purchased new shelves, that Wayne cut to size, and also painted them white. 
Now doesn't that look so much nicer. 
Lastly time to organize my favourite part :)
Very top holds a few lamps that we replaced, but I'm not yet ready to get rid of yet. 
The second shelf holds cottage supplies. Paper products, light bulbs and my hat. 
The black boxes are just cardboard boxes that I flipped the flaps up and used duct tape to reinforce them. 
And the last shelf holds my craft supplies. 
 Now let's take a closer look at the most important shelf shall we ;).
From left to right 
Pattern paper and cardstock 
Paper trimmer
A few embellishments 
The container with the Coke packaging is my stamped images
My new Spectrum Noir markers
And lastly my planners and journal....but those go home with me at the end of the weekend.  
 I can't tell you how much better this looks and how happy I am when I look at it :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful and created weekend.
As we were at camp we missed the flooding that happened back at home this weekend..oh my.
Wayne and I drove around the city today and the lake and rivers are high, but the roads are now water-free....thankfully.

Tracy :)


  1. nun hast du aus der alten schrankecke eine tolle hübsche variante gezaubert....du wirst dich fragen, warum nicht schon viel eher....*lach*....das habt ihr super gemacht...die überflutung wird hoffentlich nicht noch schlimmer, das schaut ja erschreckend aus...ich drücke euch die daumen....
    viele liebe grüsse....

    1. Ruth's comment via Google Translate -
      now you have from the old cabinet corner a great variation pretty conjured .... do not you 'll wonder why not much more .... * lol * .... ye have well done ... the spate hopefully even worse , that looks so frighteningly out ... I 'll keep my fingers crossed ....
      many greetings love ....
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  2. That's terrific that you redid your shelves! White is always nice and fresh. That flooding - OMG! So glad you are safe! Have a great week Tracy! Melissa

  3. Your closet looks so clean and fabulous!! Wow, the flooding is scary. Glad you are safe and that the water is receding. Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. That is a nice do over of your closet. White goes with everything, no wait is that wine I am talking about ... no paint, or scrap page background.


  5. Susanne June 27, 2016 at 8:38 AM
    Looks great. Any plans to decorate the dresser a bit?

    Barbara GoddenJune 27, 2016 at 9:04 AM
    I like the dresser the way it is. Awesome job on the closet. you sure find a lot of things taped together with what you have at the cottage to fix it until you get to town, LOL. Finally we got some rain and I'm sure the corn (which was beginning to spike) is happy.

  6. Fabulous job and those shelves look great! Wow - lots of rain! TFS


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