Thursday, June 2, 2016

What was I Thinking ?!

You all know that I have been working on defunkifying my craft room.
I have been doing pretty good to.
But what was I to do when a local lady decided to have a huge scrapbooking sale?
Well, I did what any other crafter and lover of paper supplies does...I went shopping ;)

I went to this one last year and was shocked at how much supplies she was selling...she had more than Michael's, Joanns and Hobby Lobby put together.
And this year was no disappointment :)
I would love to see her craft room!!!

I picked up a couple of containers...see I was thinking of organizing ;)
I am figuring the top container will be great for my paint brushes (as the centre section is open the whole length of this container, and my calligraphy nibs will work nicely in the other smaller sections.

The rub-ons were all free (she just didn't guarantee how well they would work) as well as the clear 12x12 page protectors.
The stickers were either a dollar each or 2 for a dollar.
So how could I have NOT got them.

Now we come to the paper!!!
How I love paper, but my, I don't need any more, lol.
But seriously how could I not!!!!
I just couldn't help myself!!!
I know, I know, I have already defunkified my paper pads...but I am sure I can make these fit in my bins ;)

I just want to play now and use some of my preciouses ;)
I hope you all have a very Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Man I like that top set - wanna come see the treasures- ans yes after picking up a box from the US I still shopped!!

  2. I would have been in there shopping too and I need nothing. Great buys. now lets see something made with them.

  3. Oh my!! I would have been shopping also

  4. totally agree- keep plugging away it will get done.

  5. Oh my gosh, I would have been in Heaven shopping there!! What awesome goodies you picked up!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Lots of goodies! I can't imagine how much stuff she must have. Good deal, Tracy.

  7. Looks like you got some great things, Tracy!

  8. Looks like you happened onto a treasure trove - how fun!

  9. I can't resist a good sale either!! After I donated carload after carload of my scrapbook supplies, I was tempted to go back and see how they had priced them. Good thing I didn't as I might have re-bought my own stuff!

  10. They will fit, they will fit LOL!


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