Monday, July 4, 2016

Canada Day Weekend

We had a very full long weekend.
Equal amounts of family time, fun and work. 

Wayne and I love to ride our quads. 
But we wanted to go for a night right. 
You know how long it takes for the sky to get dark?!?  A long time when you are waiting for it, lol
It was so much fun!!!
Next is my night kayak along the full moon shining on the lake. 

Friday was a beautiful day. 
I took quite a few walks...which Oscar enjoyed. 
Kristy was excited to get her flamingo in the water. 

Doesn't she look so relaxed :)

Heather didn't get wet, but enjoyed watching everyone else. I didn't go in the water Friday either.
But Oscar sure loved the water. 
He even plays fetch properly and drops the toy. 

Saturday was another beautiful day :)
Lots of walks,  swims and a tab bit of work.
And of course some riding.

Oscar isn't allowed on our furniture.
Wayne has allergies so we try to keep him off. 
See how well that works. 

 Oh, by the way...this is the chair Wayne usually sits on.
Looks like Oscar is saying "you didn't mean me off the furniture....nah, I didn't think so". 

Ashley, Tyler, Oscar and Heather left for home on Saturday. 
Wayne, Kristy and I stayed until Sunday. 
I started weeding in between the patio stones. 

It sure needed some love.
Looks so nice and clean now.
I filled the wheel barrel past the top....and wore out another pair of garden gloves. 

I did get into the water Saturday and Sunday after Kristy and I did our long walk down the pipeline. We needed to cool down.
Mind you I just floated around on the air mattress. The water was 20c. 
I even got in a kayak ride and saw a turtle sunning itself on a fallen tree. 

Then it was time to clean up, pack up and say goodbye to our cottage...until next weekend. 

Hope you all enjoyed you Canada day weekend.

Tracy :). 


  1. Looks like you and your family had a great weekend!! Love the flamingo floatie

  2. Looks like a fun Canada Day weekend. Pictures are great, the lake looks inviting and Oscar is adorable.

  3. Looks like you folks enjoyed your Canada Day weekend!

  4. was für idyllische bilder, liebe tracy....passe schön auf deinen finger auf....*lach*
    liebe grüsse

    1. This is Ruth's comment translated by google :
      What idyllic pictures, love tracy .... passe nice on your finger .... * lol *
      Kind regards
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  5. It looks like such a wonderful weekend!! I love the flamingo floatie!! So cute!! Oscar is absolutely adorable!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Looks like a great full week-end!

    I love that swan where on earth did you get it?

    lastly I think that the first night photo could be on the cover of a Hardy Boys Book - The case of the night rider... lol

  7. Looks like it was a fantastic weekend, Tracy!

  8. What a fun time you and your family had.


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