Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day with my Girls...and Pokemon

I spent most of the day with 2 of my daughters. 
Heather got cancelled from work today and Kristy had the day off. 
So after we did our errands we picked up lunch and went to my oldest daughters house for lunch. 
Sadly Ashley didn't have a day off, so only got to spend her lunch hour together. 
These girls are enjoying the Pokemon craze. 
So we decided to go for a walk around the Friendship Gardens. 

I don't think I have walked around the Friendship gardens since my girls were toddlers. 
There was quite a bit of activity at the Gardens. 
Mostly Pokemon catchers, but also some ducks and Canadian Gueese in the ponds. 
After our Pokemon hunt we went back home so I could pack for camp as Wayne surprised me with taking tomorrow off. 
I told the girls we had time to head out for some more Pokemon fun. 
So we headed to Hillcrest Park for another walk......well a walk for me 
The day was gorgeous. 
Beautiful blue sky's and perfect warm wearher. 
But the best part of the day was spending it with my girls. 
Thank you for taking all of the photos Kristy. 
Heather had my phone, as she doesn't have one or want least that was before playing Pokemon Go. 

I hope you
All have a wonderful creative weekend. 

Tracy :). 


  1. Pokemon Go has meant a few walks and detours for our family as well. Glad you had a fun day with your girls.

  2. in dieser herrlichen umgebung hattet ihr viel spass, das ist zu sehen, liebe tracy....
    viele liebe grüsse zum wochenende...

    1. Ruth's comment via Google Translate:
      n this charming neighborhood you had a lot of fun , which can be seen , love tracy ....
      many dear greetings for weekend ...
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful day spent with your girls, Tracy! Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  4. Great to have a fun day with your girls. Pokémon Go would be a good way to get steps in for me as I don't walk 3 mph anymore. lol. Have a fun long weekend.

  5. It looks like a wonderful day with your girls!! The photos are beautiful!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. What a great way to spend your day! Pokemon craze here to for Kirsten and Harlee! Have an awesome weekend at the cottage! Long weekend, right??

  7. A few weeks ago while we were at the park. I kept seeing a few people going to the same spot with their phones. Then a few more and so on. Then it dawned on me POKEMON GO! LOL! We saw a larger group at city hall. How fun you all got to play too. Have fun!

  8. What a lovely park and a lovely day with your girls! My Emily is totally into Pokemon thing as well :) I hope you have a great week! Melissa

  9. What a lovely park and a lovely day with your girls! My Emily is totally into Pokemon thing as well :) I hope you have a great week! Melissa

  10. Still not playing Pokemon Go? Download It Now (Works on iOS & Android)


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