Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Laundry Room Project.

Like I shared with you yesterday...I have many. 
I also have many that I haven't shared with you yet.

Last month I worked on a project for Ashley's house. 
She has a sump pump in her unfinished laundry room.
There are 2 holes in the concrete floor and I wanted to cover them up somehow. 
Here is the finished project. 

Not only does this cover the holes, but it also is a nice folding table or just a place to store laundry products...and it looks pretty :)

Here is the before picture...blah.
See the high tech way the sump pump holes were hidden, teehee.
The first thing we had to make sure of is that the desk did!!
Which made me very happy as I didn't need to make a one, like I had planned.
Next thing, I had to do was cut a slot out of the desk top for the pipe.
Plus the desk had to be easy to pull out, just incase the sump pump needed quick access to.
Ashley had this desk from Ikea. 
Her dog, Oscar chewed on a couple of the legs when he was a puppy. 
The legs were still stable, just didn't look so pretty.  
Next, to disguise the ugliness, lol. 

See.... Not to pretty under there, and we are all about things being pretty as well as functional.
So I cut some lumber to size and nailed it to the desk 
Ashley was at work, so I was on my own with this job.
I needed another set of hands to hold the lumber while I nailed in the other side, but I'm pretty resourceful, especially since I didn't bring any claps with me, lol. 

I used a piece of my scrap wood for a spacer so the spaces would all be the same distance apart. 
Then I just kept on cutting and nailing, cutting and nailing.
Ugliness is slowly getting hidden.

I needed to rip the bottom board (cut the board the whole length down the centre). 
I inquired at Home Depot, but they don't do that :)
Remember I didn't bring my clamps...but luckily for me Tyler was home at this time, so I asked him to help me hold the board so I didn't saw off a finger or two. 
See how much thinner the bottom board is...I ripped it good ;) 

Now doesn't that look a lot better:). 
But now to make it prettier. 
Because the desk was white, I painted the boards white as well. 
So much prettier and more functional than the before picture. 

I was at Ashleys house working on a couple other projects today....but more on those tomorrow.

Whenever Ashley has a new idea for her house, she always coxes me with "This will make a good blog material". Honestly though, she doesn't need to cox me at all.
Actually these projects were my doing.....I just can't stop with the projects, lol.

I hope you all had a very creative day :)

Tracy :). 


  1. I like it a lot! I will be showing Mr Man this project when he gets home. We have a counter top between two dressers that cover the sump pump with screening over the actual hole (cats cannot fall in). Yours is much nicer looking. This he will built!

  2. What a lucky daughter to have a Mom that is so handy, fabulous job it looks GREAT!! And she is right~~good blog material and you already inspired one follower,

  3. Nice job, mama. It looks fabulous and sure improves the looks over that sump pump!

  4. What a beautiful transformation!! It looks amazing!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Wow, Tracy, it looks terrific! So fresh and bright. She's a lucky daughter for sure!! Melissa

  6. Wow, Tracy, it looks terrific! So fresh and bright. She's a lucky daughter for sure!! Melissa

  7. What a great idea, Tracy, it looks awesome!


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