Saturday, July 9, 2016

Painting (un)Surprise.

Ashley got me a Thank You gift.
Actually she got me a few. 
 She didn't like the black mat I had, and kept telling me I needed a cuter one.
Doesn't it look cute at our side enterance. 

Ashley and Tyler went away on a little getaway...but more for an ikea baby shopping trip.
While they were away Kristy was nice enough to pet sit for them.
So I decided to surprise them with a painting project Ashley had started a few months ago, until everyone told her to stop as she shouldn't be doing any painting while she was pregnant. 

You know what is worse than looking at a project that needs to be done.....a project that is incomplete. Lol 
Here is the project.
The sides of her stairs. 
 Actually they don't look too bad here besides the yucky cream colour.
But just picture them with one blotchy coat of white paint. Ashley said it drives her crazy looking at it everyday.

Now doesn't this look nicer. 
As well as Sebastian who got in the paint twice. Black cat/white paint oh oh. 
I just need to caulk where the trim doesn't fit tight.... But that is for another day. 
 Not only did I paint the sides of their stairs, I also painted the baseboards that Oscar teethed  on when he was a puppy. 
Boy, was there a lot of teething marks. 
 The trim will need to be replaced, but this is a good cover up until that gets done.
This is oscars room...I know such a spoiled dog to not only have his own bedroom, but he also has his own double sized bed!!! 
I had to lock him out as I painted because he wanted to help, lol. 
I think he was confused that he was locked OUT of his room as opposed to inside his room. 
 As much as Ashley and Tyler love Oscar he is going to have to either give up or share his room with the baby.

My painting was suppose to be a surprise. 
I wanted to see how long it would take them to notice. 
When I asked Ashley how much I owed her for the stuff she bought me. 
She told me it was a thank you for painting 
I asked her. Who told you I painted. 
She replied. You painted?!? What did you paint?!?  Did you paint the stairs!!!! 
I asked her what painting did she mean 
The baby's dresser. 
So I ruined my own surprise. Lol. 
I also ruined my birthday gift she got me.  I helped them unpack and saw it....but at least they know I'll love it. Lol

We are at the cottage and it is drizzling.
I went for a short walk, but thinking it may be an organizing evening as it looks like rain all night. 
Hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend :)

Tracy :). 


  1. How funny you ruined your surprise!! The sides of the stairs look beautiful now!! So much better than the cream!! And I love your new mat, too!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. stairs look good, Love your new mat and Sebastian is so cute and Oscar peeking through the baby gate is adorable too. Cooler here today, the humidity is down after the noise and light show Friday night.

  3. What a great mama you are. I am sure Ashley appreciated your help. Her stairs look much improved now. IKEA is a great place for reasonably priced baby items.


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