Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Projects...I have lots of them.

I love my projects.
I love to come up with ideas.
I love to make the plans on how to make them work.
And I love to work on my projects and see them come to life.

The only thing is...I have to many projects.
I am so excited to do each one.
Not only do I have numerous projects for my home (inside and outside), I have them for our cottage (inside and outside) and I also have them for Ashley's house (inside and outside).
Last night I worked on a project for my work shed (still not completed yet).
Today I worked on a project at Ashley's house.
I do notice I seem to go gung ho on my projects and then before I have completed the first one, I am onto the next.
I have said many times "I need to live twice my life, in order to complete half my projects"

Tomorrow back at Ashley's :)
What is the latest project you have worked on?

Tracy :)


  1. Umm a project at daughter's house??? something to do with baby??? Shelves in the nursery to put all manner of things on for baby to look at. My latest project involved the garden - oh there are still so many out there that need tending to ... yes twice the life for half the projects completed.

  2. I'm like you...I start too many projects at once!! I just need to concentrate on one to completion!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Missed this yesterday, my only projects are decluttering in two places and neither are getting done as it's too humid right now so I sit and craft in front of the fan.


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