Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I love an Adventure

I am off on another adventure.
I love summer :)

Every year my SIL/friend Sharon and I go away for a little getaway.
Look how light I packed.
The black rolling tote is my crafty supplies (as we plan one day to craft away), the bag with the pink on it is my clothes (and maybe I snuck some extra crafty supplies in there as well) and lastly, the bag with blue on it is my lap top and some journals...I always need to make lists.
I think I packed pretty light for 4 days away.

1st stop on our way to our destination was to Michaels.
So with coupons in hand we scoured the store for some good deals.
Everything was on sale except the glue, which I used my coupon on :)
I was looking for a new trimmer as most of my measurements have rubbed off.
Sadly the price was the same as at home, so I would be paying way more here when adding the exchange rate and even if I used my coupon.
I'm thinking I'll wait until I get home to pick that up.

Michael's had their "Hot Buys" going on.
I need paper like I need more washi tape...but seriously for the price (even with the exchange) it was well worth it.

Next Stop...Hobby Lobby.
I have been looking for the Warm Grey in the Spectrum Noir markers.
I have tried checking them out on line, but they are always out of stock.
I have seen in the past that Hobby Lobby carries these markers, but not the Warm Grey's.
But no worries...I found a few other items to make me smile ;)

The off to Target to pick up some Coca-Cola and some munchies, as I need to keep nourished while shopping ;)
Oh look, some washi tape, teehee.
I also may have picked up some cute things for my soon to be grand baby :)

Last store before going to to Red Lobster for supper was Barnes and Noble.....who says you can have to many pretty journals :)

The back on the road for our drive to Hinckley.
More crafty goodies to share soon.
I hope you all have a very creative Day.

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like your trip is off to a great start, Tracy!

  2. Pretty journal, and lot's of great stuff. One washi tape midst all the goodies lol.


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