Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Celebrating Kristy's 22nd Birthday

Kristy celebrated her 22nd is my baby 22?!
I know we all say this...but seriously time didn't go this fast when I was younger.

Here is Kristy's cake.
I baked it and Kristy decorated it.
I told her, you're not suppose to make your own birthday cake.
But she was so excited to make this one.
Those are smashed Cadbury Mini Eggs on there...she loves these.

Look at this face...she is so beautiful yet silly :)
Kristy has such a great sense of humour...even when she isn't trying to be funny, she still makes me laugh.....unless she is giving me heck about not eating right...then she is just scary, lol.
This is a fun shot that Ashley took of Kristy taking a picture of her cake :)
Kristy wanted Finn pancakes for her dinner out.
After dinner we came back for some cake and ice-cream, gifts and a game of "Things in a Box".
That game is always fun.

Here are her gifts.
Kristy is going to Italy with her boyfriend and his family, so we bought her things she will need for her trip.
They are going for 14 days, and she is planning on only bringing a carry-on.
She pre-packed this bag and she has room to spare for anything she wants to bring back.
We got her a journal to record her trip as well as this memory card, so she can take lots of photos.

Hope you all have a very Creative Day :)



  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter Kristy!! That cake looks yummy!!

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to Kristy. She got quite a nice birthday haul (col). WOW Italy! Yumbow to that cake. I was told the reason time seems to go faster as we get older is because we have more markers against time such as the number of birthdays, the number of Christmas' etc ... as kids we don't have that many time markers accumulated yet. Sounds like a good theory ...

  3. The cake looks fab. My grandkids love Cadbury's mini eggs so I will try this!

    The gifts look great...especially the cash!!!

  4. Can't believe she is only taking a carry on for 14 days!

  5. This was an amazing Cake - she is very talented. Happy Birthday again Kristy you are amazing! and am am so jealous - Italy - maybe you can do her up a mini album for Christmas,

  6. Belated birthday wishes. Love the cake and wonderful useful gifts. WOW Italy!


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