Friday, March 31, 2017

Book Review "Thirteen Reasons Why"

Wow, tomorrow is April already!!!
I have been doing pretty good with my goals for this year.
One of them was to read (at least) 12 books a year, which is 1 book a month.
I started this month with a different book, but didn't enjoy the writing style so put it down.
In the past I would have forced myself to finish it, but I have come to the conclusion that I won't be able to read every book out there, so I won't waste my reading time on those books that don't keep my attention.

Now onto the book I chose, Thirteen Reasons Why.
I had read this book in the past, it was recommended to me by my daughter Heather, who by the way, has great taste in books.
Heather had told me that they made a show about this book, so I wanted to refresh myself on it before watching the show.
I enjoy reading a book before the movie or show comes out.

The book is about a girl who commits suicide and explains the events that brought her to this decision on tapes.
These tapes are then passed to the 13 people who have had a part in her life that impacted this decision.
We follow Clay around town as he listens to these tapes.

This book was a quick that is hard to put down.
So hard to put down that Wayne wanted to watch a movie with me.
So I watched a movie as well as read this book.
I even had a notebook with notes on the characters in the book and what their connection to Hannah was.

What I took from this book is what an impact we have on someone.
No matter how good or bad, no matter how long or short we are in their lives, we all have an impact on someone.
It also makes me so sad that this young girl felt this hopeless, to take her life.
Having daughter's, I thought of how I would feel if one of them took their own life. I would be devastated...I kept thinking this while reading it.
I think of all of those that feel there is not another option...there is always another option.



  1. Good for you to change books, I didn't and I am not sure if I'll finish mine in another month. The subject of your book is so in the news, there are so many teen suicides and I would be devastated too if it happened to any of mine.

  2. Wonderful review. I have now read 11 of the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache books that I mentioned before. They are a great read, underlying story throughout the books and characters that follow along too! Wonderful page turners :-)


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