Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review "Girlfriend in a Coma"

Keeping up with my goal of reading a book a is the one I read for the month of April.
Yes, I completed it today...nothing like completing a goal at the last minute.
This book was given to me by my friend Tessie.
Now that everyone knows I want to read a book a month, everyone is giving me books...thanks friends :)

Now before I give my review I want to say I am not a writer...I wish I was, I think I could be, but I am not, so my review is only my opinion as a reader.
With that being said here I go.

One of my favourite authors is Stephen King, so when I read this write up comparing the book to his writing, I got a bit excited.
I can see why they thought that...but the person who wrote that, I don't think has ever read a Stephen King book.
This book seemed to be all over the place and there were a few places I thought "what, I think he just contradicted himself in his writing"?!
I did enjoy parts of this book and it was an easy, quick read.
I did like the apocalyptic part of this book!

Onto My Day:
Yesterday Kristy took off for her trip to Italy.
I drove them all to the airport and snapped a quick picture.
Kristy has been texting us and even Face-Timed with me twice :)
Needless to say with the 6 hour time difference I have been bringing my cell phone in my bedroom at night.

My daughter Ashley and this cool little dude came for a visit today :)
I can't get enough of him...but I am sure most of you know that.

I should actually go down in my library of books and pick out one for tomorrow so I can get a jump on it before the end of the May.

I hope you all have a ver Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm still on March's book, Not a quick read and very boring. Sounds like a wonderful adventure for those 4. Sawyer is adorable in his "shades"

  2. Wonderful photo. I have been reading book after book! Currently reading a series of books by Monique Martin - Out of Time series. They are an easy read, bit of time travel and history in there :-) I can't seem to stop reading a the moment. I have read at least 20 books since the New Year :-)


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