Monday, April 17, 2017

Giving a Scrap about Autism Event

I went to a 12 hour crop on Saturday.
It was called "Giving a Scrap about Autism"
I have been going to this event for the last 5 years and sadly, this was their last year.
But they sure went out with a bang!!
Everything was top notch.
They had raffle tickets for a lot of awesome prizes and they gave away a prize every hour.
We received a delicious lunch and and even more yummy dinner.

Here are my friends and I celebrating and being silly.
We had 12 ladies in our group...well actually 11 as my friend Lesli (Vintage Scraps) couldn't make it at the last minute...but we kept in touch via texts and photos.
As we were taking this photo the photographer from our local news paper asked if he could take our photo for the local paper....then the camera man from our local TV news asked if he could video us for the 5:00 news, lol.
Here are the links if you are interested.
News paper link -
Here is the TV news link...Starts at 2:26-

Here are the originals, teehee.
Denise, Lynne and I all have been going to this crop and every other crop around are area since day 1.
We also had bunny teeth in our group photos, but they kind of freaked my daughters out, so I thought I would spare you the horror, lol.

Don't we look cute ;)
On the left is Ingrid, she is one of the ladies that organized this amazing crop.
Char is in the middle, she is one of my newest crafty friends.
And me on the left.
I look pretty good here considering my morning didn't go so well and with the help of Ingrid's photo shopping skills, teehee.

I put all of my eggs in one basket as
I purchased a lot of tickets to win this beautiful painting.
Isn't it gorgeous.
I love umbrellas in art and with the pop of red against the greys...I just had to have it.
It was painted by my friend Verna's husband Roger.
Sadly I didn't win it though.

But I did win a hourly prize.
I won this $25.00 gift card to Michael's as well as some kettle corn.
The gift card will come in handy, especially since I am in a challenge with my friends to use our supplies and we can't purchase anything new in crafty supplies.
There are only 3 of us left...the others all caved, teehee.

Not only did I have a great time visiting and laughing with my friends, I even got some crafting done :)
My friend Debbie purchased a mini album kit from Crop & Create at last years event.
If I remember correctly she purchased the last kit, so I bought the mini album and just picked out papers from my stash.
So we worked on this project for the whole crop.
Debbie actually completed hers...I guess I visited to much as I still have a long way to go in finishing mine.

When I first started scrapbooking many moons ago and first heard about crops I wasn't sure if I would like them.
The idea of carting my supplies there and then carting them back home, just seemed like a lot of work.
But I love them!!!
I have figured out the perfect way to pack for me...which doesn't include bringing everything including the kitchen sink.
Plus being with my friends and meeting new creative people is is the best!!
Do you enjoy going to crops?

I hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! I love going to the crops I go to. Sorry you didn't win that painting. It is gorgeous!!

  2. I miss local crops, I use to attend once a month & had such fun, now there aren't any in my close area :(
    Nice prizes - $25.00 at Michaels - score big.

  3. Looks like fun and for such a great cause!

  4. Fabulous and looks awesome and now your famous ;-)

  5. I think I need Wilson Lesli for my Craft room!! lol - Looks like you guys had a great time- I missed you, however seeing the boy was well worth it.

  6. It looks fun but I have never felt comfortable in big crop groups. Too noisy, too chaotic. I can't think. Just too much for me but I have ADD. I much prefer having just one friend over or going on a retreat with one friend. I have done that with a good friend of mine a few times and loved it. We rent a hotel suite and set up for an entire weekend.

  7. Sounds and looks like a fun time was had by all.


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