Thursday, December 20, 2018

Crop & Create Kit Haul TBay 2018

I thought I would share the kits I purchased at the Crop & Create event.

I have mentioned this before on my blog here and also on my YouTube channel.
I love all types of crafts and paper crafting is one of my long time loves.
I used to think that when making my scrapbook layouts, I needed to be original.
I used to think, kits were not creative, they were taking someone else's ideas and just adding my own  photos to them.
Then I went to a Crop & Create event and received an Attendee kit and also purchased a kit or two.
Wow, that sure changed my also got me back into scrapbooking!!
I have to admit I don't follow the kits exactly.
I usually use the other side of the paper, or add a my own cardstock to stretch the kit..but with all that come in these kits you have the creative freedom to use the kit as is, or to make it your own.

With that being said...I went light on my purchases on kits at this event and only picked up 6.
But I do have a bundle of them from the Winnipeg event!
I think these will keep me busy until March when the Crop & Create event goes to Winnipeg and my friends and I do a road trip out there :)

I did a video on the kits I purchased with a bit of a closer look at them.

I hope you all have a very Creative Day 

Tracy 💗💗💗


  1. They look like great kits Tracy - I've also purchased layout kits in the past - thought the same as you until I realized I could put my own spin on them and more than half the time they never looked liked the original design - hahaha Crazy how that happens - some are the same, but most of mine are different in many ways - I haven't scrapbooked in a long time, I find it more time consuming than making cards! I really should work on my boys albums... I think I stopped when my boys were 11 and 13 - that would mean I stopped my little mans book at age 3! Oops! LOL Well... I never scrapped my Wedding like I thought I was gonna, so I guess I shouldn't stress to much! LOL I hope you have a lovely Holiday! HUGS!


  2. I like the 6X8 album, could be a great DD album. Only 6 kits you say ... that means for the after Christmas sales you'll need to make a run out to Michaels (lol).

  3. Beautiful kit haul you got!! thanks for sharing
    I have taken a break from scrapping for a couple years...but would like to get back this coming year...hugs, Julierose


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